What is the right outfit to wear to your office is a difficult question to answer. It can be quite challenging for women who are always running to balance their family and work.

With changing times, businesses are getting liberal with their dresses codes. Most businesses allow and even prefer business casuals over full formal attires. It is to elevate the comfort and ease of the employees and make the offices an amicable place.

But what an ideal business casual outfit for women significantly varies. From a skirt to LINEN shirts for women at Sweet Charlotte Studio, everything can be acceptable. Factors like the company you work for, the company’s culture, the type of work you are involved in, and the culture of the city, etc influence the right choice for women’s business casuals.

While defining the ideal outfit can be difficult, here we present a few ideas for choosing the right apparel pieces for women’s business causals.

  • Understanding business casual look for women

A business casual is essentially a hybrid attire that blends the worlds of casual wear and business formals. The idea is to mix the elements of both realms. You can combine pants, suit skirts, or blazers in neutral hues with colorful or patterned tops.

You can begin with major professional elements in neutral shades such as black, white, grey, beige, navy, and brown. To bring a causal touch you can include small splashes on colors with elements like tops, flat footwear, etc.

  • Business casual pants for women

While picking business casual pants you can choose the fabric based on the season. Most preferred fabrics include cotton, Lenin, wool, gabardine, and even polyester for its easy maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, neutral colors are the best to pick for pants so that you can match them with different colors. However, you can also go for dark colors like forest green and burgundy for bolder looks.

  • Business casual tops

Color choices in business casual top heavily depend on your skin tone, eyes, and hair color. You can pick any color or pattern such as polka dots, geometric, ikat, stripes, etc.

For winters, 3/4th sleeves are the best option while shorter cap sleeves will go in summers. Choose a modest color style such as collared, turtle neck, etc. If you are going for a v-neck, make sure it is not too deep.

  • Business casual sweaters

Sweaters are the best to layer to keep you warm on cold days. The safest choice is to go with basic cardigans that can be either waist-length or longer. You can also pick other styles with simple v-neck and fine-gauge knit. Refrain from wearing those baggy ones and get a proffer fit. You can also adjust the fit with a skinny belt.

  • Business casual jackets

Blazers are a perfect choice for business attires that can never go wrong. Get a well-fitted blazer that looks smart on you. If you are going for jackets, try neutral colors like black, brown, navy, and charcoal. You can add some embellishment with pinstripes, gemstones, etc to stand out from the crowd yet keep it classy.