The Australian Visa Subclass 804 enables a parent to live in Australia for all time who as of now lives on brief visas if their kid is an Australian native, lasting occupant or qualified New Zealand native who is settled in Australia. The handling or holding up time of Aged Parent Visa 804 is as long as 30 years. Aged Parent visa subclass 804 is a perpetual visa you can remain in Australia indefinitely.

Privilege of Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804

  • This visa gives you option to live and work in Australia eagerly
  • A candidate can work in Australia during your remain
  • A candidate can take a crack at Medicare, Australia, plot for wellbeing related consideration and costs
  • A candidate can apply for citizenship if the candidate meet all prerequisites
  • An up-and-comer can consolidate any relative with this visa application
  • With Parent visa 804 permits a candidate can go in or out Australia until the visa is legitimate

Requirements of 804 Aged Parent Visa

  • You are must be from outside of Australia
  • You should not have any remarkable obligations to Australian government or have any plans to pay the obligations
  • You should have a supporting child who is either an Australia native, perpetual occupant or a qualified New Zealand native.
  • Family Balance Test – you should breeze through the equalization of family assessment
  • An applicant should meet wellbeing and character prerequisites
  • The main applicant of this visa must be more than 65 years old
  • The Applicant must be the parent of an Australian native or perpetual occupant who has gone through at any rate 2 years living in Australia

How Dose This subclass 804 Visa Works?

Candidates for non-contributory parent visas may need to hold up numerous prior years being conceded a visa, as far as possible the number of spots accessible each program year. To oversee request decently, individuals who apply and meet center standards for the award of this visa, are set in a worldwide line.

On account of long holding up periods, candidates may decide to apply for a Contributory parent visa where candidates (or their support) pay a lot bigger visa application charge and Assurance of Support bond. Candidates (or their support) are adding to Government income and assisting with counterbalancing a few costs put on the network by parent relocation. The Government likewise constrains the number of spots accessible for Contributory guardians every year, except there are more places accessible so the sitting tight period for the award of a Contributory parent visa is a lot shorter.

Where should you apply for this visa?

First you need to download the application structure, print it out top it off and send it through the dispatch. You can even submit a nearby application at your neighborhood Migration Office. The Department of Immigration or Border Protection ensures that your application is submitted and handled as quickly as time permits.

I have attempted to furnish you with the most ideal data identified with the subject. I hope you will receive enough in return. If you face any question related to Visa 804 than you can likewise take administrations of any MARA enrolled Migration Agent Perth and get your visa in an issue free way.