Hair helps you enhance your overall look, and long hair serves you with a wide range of options to style them. However easy as it may sound, growing hair length is not a piece of cake. 

Many people intend to try out new hairstyles, but the short length of their locks becomes a barrier. This is where extensions come to save the day. There are numerous products, and one of the most popular ones is the hand tied extensions.

Helping you get the ideal hair length, style, and color, these items allow you to achieve the perfect look. It is also essential to note that hair attachments enable you to get attractive styles without damaging your actual strand roots. 

An Overview

Hand-tied extensions are an intricate method where you can attach those to a row of your lock. This is quite similar to the beaded weft method. The procedure will be ideal for those who want more volume and length that looks natural without putting any strain on the scalp. But the main question is whether these hand-tied attachments work for all strand types.

Such products work best for straight and wavy hair, where it is easier to detangle the locks and bead the extension closer to the roots. The longevity of your extension primarily depends on how you care for it. Usually, the products last for about six to nine weeks. It also depends on how fast your strands grow and if you are properly looking after them. They can generally be reused with proper care for six to eight months.

Proper detangling, shampooing, and moisturizing of the strands attached to the extensions are essential. Use chemical-free products for washing to keep looking at their best. Also, while using dryers, straighteners, or curlers, use heat-protectant serum or emulsion on your locks. 


Hand-tied wefts are much thinner and lighter than your typical wefts. This thinness offers a more natural look since they blend in so well. The immense extension covers more area, so less must be beaded. It eases your hair from heavy extensions that pull your scalp. You can style, color, cut or tie them in any way you want. 

These wefts can be sewn in with natural locks for an instant change in your hair’s appearance. This method is non-damaging to hair, and the extensions are reusable for an extended period. Since they are labor-intensive, hand-tied ones are more expensive than machine wefts. 

But hand-tied wefts are worth all the money if the stylist puts in the required effort. 

It is not visible to the eyes because of the ultra-thin material. You can seamlessly blend them with your natural hair without blowing it out of proportion. 

These will give you a more natural look while being more comfortable than other hair extension treatments. There’s no use of chemicals or glue during the installation process. You can do your everyday chores without making the extensions damaged or noticeable. 

Wrapping Up

Having effective hair extensions swings the gates open for you to pull off the look you have been waiting to get for a long time. Once the hand-tied extensions are successfully installed, it is vital to maintain them regularly. To keep up with your hair’s natural growth, readjust your extensions every four to six weeks and get the best results.