Some years back, whipped cream dispensers were a preserve of restaurants, bars, and cafes among other commercial establishments. However, recently, more domestic users are finding it to be an important part of the everyday kitchen. Fortunately, residents of Melbourne appreciate that they have several high-quality brands of whipped cream dispensers to choose from, while replacement parts and accessories such as the N20 gas bulbs are easily available.

But what is a cream dispenser, and how do you use it?

A whipped cream dispenser is a device that is made either from stainless steel or aluminum. It makes use of small gas bulbs that measure about 8 grams to pressurize the canisters and dissolve the gas that is produced into liquids. The dispenser has a valve, which gets opened when it’s pressed to force out liquids in high pressure. The bubbles produced forms foam, mousse, or a whip when passed through a liquid. It also infuses some unique smell into beverages such as coffee.

How the dispenser produces a whipped cream

To create whipped cream, you should use a cream that is capable of thickening. The fact content in the cream should be in the range of 27-36 percent. When it’s connected to a charger, the N20 canister dissolves right inside the fat. You press the lever, and pressure is released, which causes the nitrous oxide to expand inside the fat molecules, therefore dispensing the whipped cream. This is why making whipped cream using a dispenser is not only quick but also creates up to four times the amount that you would have got if you whip air into the cream.

Which gas is used to produce whipped cream?

To produce whipped cream, 8 grams of nitrous oxide cream chargers are used. This specific substance is chosen because of its ability to dissolve faster and doesn’t cause any oxidation while inside the canister. The N20 cream chargers also help to prevent the growth of bacteria, and it’s also odorless, so your favorite drinks will not have an outside smell and taste that you didn’t desire.

 The N20 bulbs can also be known as whipped cream chargers, cream chargers, cartridges, whippets, or nangs. Residents of Melbourne can rely on reputable nang delivery in Melbourne to get their bulbs delivered to their homes or business premises.

Using the Whipped Cream Dispense

Start by choosing a whipped cream dispenser recipe of your choice, and then place your dispenser on a flat surface.

Then follow the following steps:

  • Unscrew the dispenser head and remove it from the container.
  • Put in all the liquids that you desire, which include syrups, sugars, and extracts.
  • Put the head screw back on.
  • Pick a cream charger and put it into the charge holder.
  • Screw the holder of the charger onto the dispenser pin until when you hear a hissing sound, which indicates that the gas has started escaping.
  • Shake your dispenser and ensure that the contents mix with the gas. But don’t worry if you experience some gas escaping while you are doing this.
  • Position the tip of the dispenser downwards and squeeze the lever to start dispersing.


Everybody, including a beginner, will find it incredibly easier to use a whipped cream dispenser. However, make sure that you replace your nitrous oxide bulbs after several years of using, while also ensuring that the thickening cream should have a fat content of at least 32 percent.  With a cream dispenser, your family and customers can enjoy great drinks always.