In cryptocurrency trading, you can connect with reputable brokers to help you with your transactions and investments. They also ensure the safeness and security of every process. However, individuals should also acquire different order types for the convenience of their digital assets. Several order types are given to the trustworthy brokers by the traders. It aids to help in specifying the actions of the brokers on your behalf. It also serves as an instruction for making gains or the overall control of the losses and extent. This article will tackle limit orders and how it works. 

Definition of a cryptocurrency limit order

A cryptocurrency limit order refers to a kind of order that allows individuals to conduct direct exchanges by buying or selling a coin at a specific price. As a result, it permits you to execute crypto sales or purchases while minimizing losses and maximizing profits. It is applicable even if you do not have access to market movements. 

Individuals will not be acquiring cryptocurrencies immediately when a user implements the limit order. They will be just instructing the exchange of digital assets to buy or sell a specific number of currencies. Furthermore, the trading process will only begin if the market value reaches a predetermined price. As a result, it is possible to make purchases or transactions between the current market value and sales. 

When will you use the limit order?

Individuals can use the limit order in a handful of situations. It includes during the speculation of the crypto market whether it will rise or fall ahead of time. Limit orders can potentially assist traders in identifying a resistance and support level for determining the next trend in the market. Aside from that, the resistance lines can bring advantages to future investors and traders for long and short orders. It also offers individuals to apply for limit orders at a specific percentage of their remaining balance. 

Types of Limit Orders and How to Use Them

Here are the two types of limit orders and a brief description of how and when to use them. 

  • Buy Limit Order: Buy Limit Order refers to a type of order for buying a digital asset below at the given price. Individuals can purchase limit orders when they anticipate that the value of cryptocurrencies they want to obtain today may potentially drop in the future. As a result, it aids traders in allowing them to control how much they will pay for a lesser price. However, individuals cannot execute the buy limit order unless the value is below the given price. If not, they will miss out on the trading opportunity. The buy limit order method is convenient when a trader expects the value of a digital asset to decline. 
  • Sell limit order: On the other hand, a sell limit order is convenient when an individual is applying this for selling which includes a stop value that triggers the allowance of a given market order. Traders can execute this method whenever they have a cryptocurrency to sell that can potentially increase the value in the future. As a result, they can negotiate it with their aggregator for selling purposes as it reaches a certain point of the specified price. 

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When is a convenient time to place a limit order? 

Executing a limit order is significant for future transactions. Individuals can apply this process if they know how to wait and not take things in a rush. However, users should also consider the risks before placing them. There are various instances that the price may potentially not reach the anticipated value. It is due to the probability that the price may fall or rise after individuals place an order. 

Advantages of Limit Orders

Here is a brief list of the benefits of limit order:

  • It can give individuals access to control the price of selling or buying cryptocurrency.
  • It enables users to make significant deals if they are using it appropriately. 
  • It helps to refrain users from emotions such as FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out aligning with the procedure. 
  • It assists traders in gaining significant profits if they use it properly. 
  • It enables users to trade like a professional even in volatile times in the crypto market. 

Risks of Applying for the Limit Order

On behalf of the benefits of Limit Order, there are also possible risks that you may encounter upon using. A user may have exposure to it in the following: 

  • The value of the cryptocurrency does not acquire the expected price or the limit price.
  • There are pending orders to process before your accession of yours. It is also applicable even if the currency obtains the expected value.
  • An unexpected glitch may occur. 

However, you can refrain from these conflicts by using them in moderation and appropriately. If you want to begin an appeal to the method, you can go to Yuan Pay Group and explore more by trading. 


The features of the limit order bring convenience for traders who are conducting investments and transactions. However, it also acquires limitations like any other tool. It is only effective whenever the trader uses it appropriately and in moderation. In this way, it will curb unexpected losses and gain significant profits. 

The crypto market type of orders provides a necessary mechanism for the buying and selling process. It aids to help investors who care regarding the certainty and speed of their digital assets. The limit order tool offers users the overall control of the prices they sell or buy cryptocurrencies. But sometimes, the orders won’t complete in the procedure, and conflicts may arise. However, the execution may gain an appeal if the trader knows how and when to use it. It is also necessary that a user understand how the crypto market works. Do not take things in a rush and always buy time. After all, it is better to gain profits in moderation rather than lose in a straight line.