Women’s activewear isn’t just about comfort but it’s also about a new era of fashion. Over the years more and more women have embraced this fashion and they absolutely love donning activewear sets for women for gym, cardio, jogging and hiking and also for Zumba and yoga classes. 

The most favourite and comfortable part of the activewear for all the women is the leggings that provide ultimate comfort and keep the fashion quotient high. Athleisure is the new way of life and activewear legging have been the top selling item. Leggings have gone through a series of transformations which lead up to a perfect blend of comfort, style and functionality.

Activewear leggings are available in a number of styles, designs, prints, patterns and colors but in order to get the right kind of legging for the right kind of job you need to make more informed choices. It’s not necessary that the leggings that are good for going to the gym are also great for jogging up the trails or doing Zumba. 

It’s essential to know which leggings are designed for what purpose so that you get the best of the best. At first glance you might think that all of them would work for any purpose but that’s why blogs and articles come into play. They increase your knowledge about the right kind of activewear for every possible situation and allows you to get the best of your time with comfort and style.

In this article, I will try to highlight all the basics about activewear leggings, two piece skirt set and will try to familiarize you with various kinds of leggings and skirts, their fabric material and level of comfortability each offers along with its stretchiness, breathability and sweat absorption and style.

 People often choose leggings based on their style or color but that is not the only parameter to shop on, keeping in mind all the aforementioned points let’s give you a 101 guide about activewear sets for women.

A 101 Guide about Activewear leggings for Women

Before I let you in on the complete range of leggings available in the market, you first need to understand why it’s important to coordinate the legging with the style of workout or exercise you are doing. 

The legging of the activewear sets for women should always be breathable and should move the sweat away from your body rather than sticking to it. This will help in keeping your body more active, fresh, and comfortable and aerated.

1.  Running Leggings

Running is probably the toughest kind of exercise as it’s demanding, high in energy and tougher as the miles build over. For a pair of leggings to match with the intensity of running you need a product of quality, strength and resilience. The most important thing to factorize is the fit of the leggings, they should not only fit perfectly but also stay in place for the entire time. 

If the leggings slide down or ride up you won’t be able to concentrate on the more important thing of breathing in and out and become self-conscious which isn’t good for a workout session. Another important requirement of running leggings are pockets, which will allow you to keep valuables and other things like air pods, mobile, keys and some money. Running leggings should also have a reflective trim on the sides so that at night the runner can be seen from a distance.

2.  Gym Leggings

For making the right choice for gym leggings, you need to know two things- your current style of workout and the goals you have set for the future. Once you have answers for both these questions you are ready to make a more informed choice as the options for gym leggings are endless. 

Some leggings focus mainly on style and appearance and others focus on performance and comfort. Make sure whichever style you choose the gym legging material should always be breathable and stretchable. 

The leggings must be high-waisted so that it can cinch your waist, be squat-proof and provide you support at all the right places. Gym leggings should also have pockets to keep mobile and other things handy.

3.  High-Waisted Leggings

High-waisted leggings are the most in vogue and sought-after style currently. Every woman wants to have at least one or two pairs of these flattering tights in her athleisure collection. High-waisted leggings provide a sculptured waistline, seamlessly skims over the curves and looks very flattering on anyone. 

High-waisted tights best pair up with a sports bra or a crop top shirt. Just keep one thing in mind that the high-waisted leggings shouldn’t be too high that it inches your crouch or restricts your movement in the gym.

4.  Black Leggings

Black leggings are probably the safest choice if you’re new to athleisure wear. Black legging provides you the much needed reassurance that you look just fine in a skin hugging fabric. These tights are classics and everybody owns them no matter what. The only thing that can possibly go wrong when wearing black tights is that they are sheer or see-through. 

Imagine doing your exercising with full concentration but noticing prying eyes on you to finally release that the black leggings are sheer! Make sure to buy black leggings from a good brand like MISS LOLA so that you never have to go through that embarrassment. The black tights can be paired up with any kind of color or style and are available in low-rise, high-waist and various other styles.

5.  Capri Leggings

Capri style leggings are perfect for doing exercise in a warmer climate as they are cropped a couple of inches allowing more air to the body. Activewear sets for women come in various styles and Capri style has been around for decades due its chic style, breathability and comfort. 

Capri tights mostly end below the knee or mid-calf making your legs look very toned and flattering. Get them in colors like black, grey or blue and pair them up with brighter hues to create a perfect gym look.


As athleisure wear is becoming more and more popular, many brands have started to pump out their own versions. But don’t forget the real reason for buying activewear, comfort and performance. Never compromise on it for style, choose the right kind of bottoms according to your requirement and enjoy burning calories!