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What is a magic stone? It can heal our bodies and minds – Is this true? Many people in the United States began to wonder if magic crystals are real and how they work. Magic Crystals increase the healing energy of your home, body, mind, spirit and soul. Magic Crystals Reviews are a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about Magic Crystals. This article contains all details about the legitimacy of Magic Crystals websites. You can also find the specifications of Magic Crystals websites and other useful information.

About Magiccrystals website

Magic Crystal is a tool that unlocks people’s gifts. To help them realize their dreams using spiritual tools and crystals. Jorge Martinez introduced magic crystals with love. With a dream in his heart, he opened a shop in the stem of the car in 2016. It gave magic items to the creation, which inspired us to make the world a better place. Magic Crystals offers a variety of Healing Crystals. This includes Tanzanite and Ethiopian Opal as well as Astrophyllite and other rare stones. It also comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Are Magiccrystals Legit Continue reading Magiccrystals website specifications.

Website Specifications

  • Website Type: Online selling of healing crystals.
  • Types of products: Tanzanite and Ethiopian Opal. Ruby, Imperial Topaz, Astrophyllite.
  • Product URL:
  • Website created on September 17, 2002
  • Website Expiration date: 17th September 2023
  • The amount to be paid: Magic Crystal purchase price @ USD.
  • Email ID support: Not available
  • Store Address:Magic Crystals, 24420 South Dixie Highway
  • Main Building Suite B 44 (Inside Redland Market Village),
  • Homestead, FL 3332
  • Contact support at (305) 791 1846
  • Shipping Policy:Orders shipped from a Miami retail location
  • Product Delivery: Domestic and International delivery options available.
  • Delivery Time: Speedy shipping ASAP

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  • Delivery Fee: Free Shipping on All Orders Above $44.44
  • Return Policy Accepted
  • Cancellation Policy: Not mentioned
  • Refund PolicyInform, or contact within 15 Days. If the order is not received within 15 days, the 20% charge will be applied to your refund.
  • Exchange Policy:Accepts
  • Tracking details Send confirmation email or text with the tracking number.
  • Payment Mode: Express Checkout with ShopPay, PayPal, or G Pay

Positive facts

  • This website offers hand-crafted products with a 30-day guarantee
  • More than 1200 customer reviews have been verified and the website has 5-star ratings
  • It is available for fast shipping around the world.
  • SSL/HTTP secure connection is available on
  • All orders above $44.44 qualify for free shipping

Negative facts decide Is Magiccrystals Legit?

  • The Magiccrystals website owner details were hidden.
  • We were unable to locate the cancellation details.
  • For a lower amount, shipping charges may apply.

Magiccrystals website legitimacy details

  • Domain age: The Magiccrystals website has been around for about 20 years.
  • Trusted Score has a 60% trust score
  • Alexa Ranking: Alexa Global ranks #1558444
  • Social media Links has social media sharing.
  • Website safety: The Magic crystals site has SSL/HTTP secure.
  • Contact Numbers – Numbers you can contact.
  • Email ID: Not available.
  • Customer Review The website features verified Magiccrystals reviews from customers.
  • Website owner’s details: The owner data was hidden and could not be found anywhere.
  • Content plagiarism – Plagiarism not detected.
  • Return Policy Accepts.
  • Exchange Policy: Accepts exchanges.
  • Privacy policy: Crystal’s website has privacy information.

These are Magiccrystals website legality details. They will help you better understand the site. We’ll be looking at Magiccrystal customer reviews.

Read more about customer reviews

The magic crystals website sells rare stones such as Tanzanite, Ruby, Imperial Topaz, Ethiopian Opal and Ruby. This website has over 20 years of experience selling healing stones online. Positive reviews have been found on this website. More than 1200 positive Magiccrystals Review are available on the official Magic crystals website. It also boasts excellent 5-star ratings for most of its products across all categories. Magic crystal’s website includes tweet share links and Facebook, Pinterest, as well as Twitter. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate the scam website and its proximity information. Learn More about PayPal Scamming at this link.


We conclude that Magiccrystal has sold healing stones online. The official website has a review and comment on magic crystals. Magic crystals website has a trust score of 60%. Based on Magiccrystals Reviews, legitimacy details and other information, magic crystal website appears legit. Experienced users can also try its products. Learn more about Credit Card Scamming