Birthdays are one such special life milestone that never seemed to have changed in its fondness of every individual year after years. It used to have a special corner in every birthday boy/girl’s heart, and it does still, too. But as quite some time went by, birthday celebrations seemed to have changed a lot as in what was it back in the 90s and what it is in this fast-changing 21st century. Let’s take a look at what all has changed.

  1. Party Venue: Cordial Party At Home vs Hip and Happening Party At Bars, Pubs

Thinking about the party venue factor made us realize that maybe life happened to be way simpler back then than it is for us nowadays, which is why there have been so many changes. Earlier, birthday parties were usually celebrated with the family members over some homecooked food, drinks, and desserts. Whereas, now people choose to opt for some outdoor party venue like Mcdonalds, Pizza hut or even for some nightclubs, pubs, and resto-bars, wherein they can call for a bunch of their friends to celebrate their special day. Quite a change, isn’t it?


2. Birthday Cake: Limited Cake Flavours vs Trending birthday cakes 

Birthday cakes were pretty simple in their appeal and existed just to follow up with Western culture. There were limited buttercream cake birthday cake options ranging from vanilla, butterscotch to chocolate, precisely. Loved ones mostly used to bake a cake out of their love for the birthday boy/girl back then. But now, the baking industry and the bakers worldwide have got some fine birthday cake options to offer. There are literally a plethora of cake options from designer cakes, photo cakes, tier cakes, alphabet cakes, number cakes, fondant cakes, to many more coming in red velvet, black currant, black forest, berry flavours. The list of birthday cakes that bakeries offer, alongwith their efficient online cake delivery in Bangalore or wherever that you are residing, is particularly huge. 

3. Food Menu: Indian Food vs Fast Food 

Back in the 90s, our mothers used to love pampering us with homecooked Indian food like chole bhature, pav bhaji and other such salivating food items. But now, it has become all about fast food, junk food and finger-sized food to avoid any spillage. Today people serve french fries, noodles, chips, pizza, burger, samosas, bread pakoras and other such fried food. Nothing can ever beat “Maa ke haathoan” ka khana. Can we please go back to the 90s for this reason? 

4. Games Played: Dumbsherades vs Bowling, Shooting 

Remember when the last time you played dumbsherades was? We bet it has been quite long. Back in the nineties, karaoke and dumsherades like games were quite popular across birthday parties. As people choose to celebrate their birthdays in malls and other such outdoorsy places, there is a fun/play zone that offers games like bowling and shooting. 

5. Birthday Presents Expectations: Anything Would Do vs Anything As Per Birthday Boy/Girl’s Wish Would Do  

Back then, people were satisfied with whatever they used to get as birthday presents. There was no such thing as “birthday gift expectation”. Birthday gifts like a simple tiffin box, water bottle or even a pen would be enough to convey your good wishes to the birthday boy/girl. Well, it is quite the opposite these days. People have something in their expectation which they wish to get pampered with on their birthdays. It could be something as little as a wristwatch or even a piece of some trendy clothing. 

So, these were some major differences we could spot between 90s birthday celebrations and modern-day birthday celebrations.