Weddings are joyful celebrations of love and commitment between two people, surrounded by their closest family and friends. Capturing this magical day through beautiful, artistic photography is incredibly meaningful, as these photos will become treasured keepsakes. Hiring an experienced, talented wedding photographer is key to getting high-quality, emotive images that tell the story of the special day through natural, unposed-looking moments. 

Why Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer Is Crucial 

While it may seem tempting to save money by having an amateur photographer or family member take photos, this is one area where skill, expertise, and experience make a monumental difference in the quality of images produced.

Professional wedding photographers have years of technical knowledge and practice posing subjects, directing groups, scouting locations, and manipulating lighting for stunning photographic effects. Their artistic eye, equipment, and editing skills result in far superior photos than what an inexperienced person can deliver. Investing in a professional pays off exponentially with memories that will be passed down for generations.

Additionally, professional wedding photographers have the benefit of experience that cannot be replicated. Their expertise allows them to adeptly handle any last-minute changes or curveballs on your wedding day, from weather to timing issues. You can trust them to document every aspect of your big day flawlessly.

Remember, choosing the right professional is key. Websites like can make this decision easier by showcasing portfolios and reviews of experienced wedding photographers. Connecting with a photographer that fits your style and vision ensures that the magic of your wedding day will be captured with authenticity and artistry.

9 Candid Poses for Natural Wedding Photos

  1. The First Look

One of the most poignant moments to capture is the groom seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day during their “first look.” Have the bride stand with her back facing the groom, then turn around once he taps her on the shoulder, or you cue them. Photograph the groom’s reaction in the seconds after he sees her in her wedding dress for the first time. Be sure to capture his face and expression. This makes for an incredibly powerful, emotional photo that captures the significance of the day.

  1. The Dip

Have the bride and groom hold hands, then bend the bride backward into a dramatic dip, like a dance move. This pose looks great on the dance floor or against an interesting architectural or natural backdrop. Adjust the pose so it feels natural for the couple. Get shots facing them as well as from the side. This creates a playful, romantic, and fun shot. You can also incorporate some twirls before the dip.

  1. Walking Hand in Hand

Capture shots of the bride and groom walking hand in hand down the aisle, toward the altar, or in a scenic outdoor location. Photograph them from the front, side, and behind as they walk. This conveys their partnership, unity, and bond on their wedding day. Make sure to get close-up shots of their clasped hands, as well as wide shots, and capture their faces and expressions in the moment as well.

  1. The Portrait Pose 

The classic portrait pose with the bride seated and the groom standing directly behind her with his hands gently placed on her shoulders is a timeless, elegant shot. Vary it by having the groom lean down to tenderly kiss the bride on the cheek or head. This pose focuses attention on the bride’s gown and bouquet while also showcasing the couple’s affection and chemistry.

  1. The Wedding Party 

Gather the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, and newlyweds for a fun group shot that showcases all the people special to the couple. Think outside the box by posing them, walking toward the camera, jumping in unison, cheering, or laughing. Let real personalities and connections shine through. Also, get traditional lineup poses like the pyramid with kids in front.

  1. The Sweet Handhold

Look for moments during the ceremony or reception when the bride and groom are holding hands with interlocked fingers. Photograph from above so their hands become the main focus. This simple yet intimate shot can be incredibly meaningful and touching. 

  1. The Stolen Kiss

Every wedding has moments where the bride and groom sneak in a quick kiss when they think no one is looking. Being ready to capture the spontaneity of these stolen kisses before, during, and after the kiss allows you to document natural affection. Don’t overly stage. Just be observant.

  1. The Silhouette

During a slow dance or on an outdoor deck at sunset, photograph the newlyweds from behind, with backlighting to illuminate their shapes in silhouette. Their silhouette against a bright sky or window looks romantic, artistic, and timeless. Choose a fast or slow shutter speed to convey movement based on the mood you want to achieve.

  1. The Grand Exit 

The bride and groom dashing while holding hands toward their getaway car, whether a limo, vintage convertible, or luxury sports car, conveys the thrill and excitement of their new future together.

At the very end of the wedding reception, photograph the bride and groom excitedly running through sparklers, rose petals, bubbles, confetti, or other send-off elements as they make their grand exit. Having all the guests line the exit route makes for a high-energy, festive shot. Get wide shots of them holding hands, dresses, and jackets flowing, as well as tight shots of their thrilled, laughing expressions and the excitement of the moment.


Truly talented wedding photography captures authentic emotions and connections through a blend of candid, unposed moments and creatively posed portraits. Hiring a professional wedding photographer ensures you will have stunning images to cherish for a lifetime. So while you’re lost in the genuine joy of each moment, you can trust the experts to work their artistry and ensure those incredible emotions are frozen in time. Focus your energy on savoring each moment while your photographer masterfully captures all the visual magic.