Posture improvement is not a hard task that most of the people think they couldn’t attain. It is important to understand the necessity of being healthy, even if you have to sit for hours or maybe for half a day constantly. 

There are many factors that contribute to posture disturbance. The common symptoms if your posture is not right are sudden and intense pain in spine, neck wrecking, shoulder bones cramping, and lower limbs numbness.

According to the research, the ergonomic chairs are good for your back. You need to buy good quality chairs that offer you back support and adjustability features.

Here in this guide, we have listed 9 ways you can overcome posture related complications. What are these? Let’s skip down!

1. Keep your head up and shoulders back

It is an easy practice, from once you go through will never let you face anxiety due to poor posture while sitting. People who stretch their nerves by sitting constantly on screen for hours should practice to position their heads up and shoulders back. It makes your spine straighten and helps avoid bending of bones. Long term focus on the desk will absolutely make you feel tired, and you ultimately bend down on the desk by placing the elbows on the edge of the table. This is where you can get a totally disturbed sitting position, which is dangerous for the neck, upper spine, and both pectoral and pelvic girdle.

Don’t even try to stay straight in this position for the whole day if you’re attending computers. Make sure you rest your spine by laying back on the seat. It will help you easily maintain an accurate posture for a long time.

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2. Practice deep breathing exercises to relax the muscles in your back

It is very important you take a break from work and lay down to inhale some deep breaths. Why should you do so? While sitting for hours, you may have cramps and aches around the shoulders or throughout the spine. Maybe your abdomen is feeling packed or depressed due to muscle immobility. So when you get some air to your lungs and repeat this process for three to four times, it stimulates muscles of the torso to experience a healthy vibe. Each breath you take deeply supplies oxygen rich blood to all body tissues. Breathwrk breathing exercise helps increase your energy, stamina, focus, and oxygenation. Hence you tend to sit more durably by staying active and sharp. It reduces muscle weakness and sudden pain to sustain good posture. 

3. Perform stretches that work on body’s lower half

Perform stretches that work on the lower half of your body, including hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, calves, and feet. It is an amazing thing that will never make you bored. You would love stretching your femur muscles while sitting in a chair. That becomes a remedy to get rid of laziness and obesity while you’re sitting. Your neck needs a stay, your arms need a stay, so while your lower body is not doing anything, when you’re sitting, stretch their muscles so that you feel completely active and boosted to work hard. You can also consult an expert who could recommend some exercises that you can perform by sitting simply in the chair!

4. Make sure you are wearing shoes with good arch support 

Make sure when you sit in a chair, it’s not so high and your feet touch the ground. If your feet suspend in the air, it means your lower half region of body is not circulating the blood the way it should. It can be dangerous and get you long term outcomes of it. But the second important factor to maintain after touching the ground by feet is good arch support to the sole. Your sole supports your healthy posture and it is the central point which can build and transfer the will to do something confidently. It also is a helpful height that maintains a good posture. So the shoes you’re buying must have a good arch support. Only this way, you can step ahead to complete tasks within a day by staying healthy as well. 

5. Sit up straight at a desk or table when working for extended periods of time

Always follow this rule to be active from head to toe while attending screen or desk tasks for hours. If you don’t sit straight and have a habit to bend your torso for feeling relaxed, you may face many difficulties including dick slip or inflexibility of neck bones. 

As jobs today demand a person to work for more than half a day, you should be cautioned about all the things that can make you vulnerable to bad posture. So choose a supporting, ergonomic office chair that allows adjustment of its features. If in any case you can’t sit straight up, such as sciatica, scoliosis, or other spinal injuries and surgeries, these ergonomic chairs will help you sit in a way where posture is appreciated. 

6. Get an ergonomic chair if you spend most of your day sitting down

Ergonomic chairs are very popular among those who are conscious about their health, specifically while sitting, and can be used both in offices or at homes. Whether you’re a lady expecting a baby or a night-owl, dedicated office worker, you must acknowledge which chair proves productive and help you fight with fatigue. Ergonomic chairs have many abilities to sustain a healthy posture for all types of spine conditions. You can elevate your seat, turn around at 360-degree, rest your arms on armrests, and recline to a possible stretching angle. That’s how it’s a complete package of posture support!

7. Strengthen your core muscles

Be assured that you don’t forget to exercise to reduce belly fat. If you’re one of the people who love eating heavy meals while sitting, you must consider the fact that this habit can lead to the weakness of core muscles. Your core muscles help you comfortably adopt all practices that are supportive for good posture. So along with following other tricks and remedies, work hard on your core muscles. Make them strengthen and set your game while sitting!

8. Keep a neutral spine position

Do not sit strictly by keeping your spine erect. Always stay a bit below 90-degree position of back. It is mandatory because your disks within spinal bones endure great pressure when constantly remain under an erect position. Possibilities are maybe discs will rupture or joints of the back become stiff. That’s why, neutral spine position is recommended. And you must feel comfortable while sitting straight.

9. Use a lumbar support pillow 

Be more picky and add an extra pillow to your back if present one is not sufficient for providing support. Most of the time, your neck and upper spine get tired due to long term sitting. This can be overcome using a backrest pillow. And if you’re facing pain around buttocks or hip joints, add a lumbar pillow to support your back.