We all tend to worry about the very many things in our lives. But anxiety is something more intense than worrying. The feeling of extreme stress and panic combined impacts your mind and body.

While some events can merit a certain level of worry, like giving a presentation or an exam, those suffering from anxiety perpetually feel these emotions, even when the stakes are not high.

Alongside impairing mental health, anxiety also severely compromises one’s emotional and psychological health. Therefore, learning to deal with anxiety is imperative if the condition haunts you too.

9 ways to deal with anxiety

1 Try hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a guided practice that uses focus and concentration to enter a state of trance. In this state then, people can address the various challenges that haunt them, including anxiety. To manage anxiety, you can also try hypnotherapy in Dubai.

2 Practice breathing exercises

Anxiety can make you feel panicked and increase your heart rate. By practicing breathing exercises, you can calm your racing heart. It also helps improve anxiety.

3 Yoga is helpful

Yoga as an exercise is good for improving mood, but it also carries several breathing techniques which are great for the mind as well. So, try regular yoga for better health.

4 Give aromatherapy a shot

Aromatherapy is using essential oils, candles, or any scent to uplift your mood and improve anxiety levels. Give it a shot to see if it works in reducing your anxieties.

5 Try Journaling

Use a journal to pen down your thoughts, including those pertaining to your anxiety levels. Writing can be a cathartic experience, so it is helpful in getting all the negative emotions out.

Then, try to read what you wrote. Hearing it back can help your brain rationalize your anxieties; some scenarios are mere figments of imagination, so your brain can then let anxieties associated with such things go.

6 Social support is important

Social support is vital in all avenues of life, even when learning to manage your anxiety levels. Turning to people whom you love can help in uplifting your mood and spirits. You can ask them for help, support, and a kind ear, which can improve your anxiety levels.

7 Mange your triggers

Understanding your anxiety triggers is vital if you want to manage your symptoms. So, make a log of all the things that caused your anxiety levels to heighten, and when possible, avoid them.

For example, if a topic like war makes you anxious, try to avoid it.

8 Practice self-love

If you are continuously hard on yourself, chances are, your mental health and anxiety levels are not going to improve. Therefore, be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some slack. Let yourself off easy when you make a mistake. Take them as learning moments.

9 Get professional help

If your anxiety symptoms are not improving, you should consider getting professional help, including therapy and medication. To find relevant experts, visit Fitcy Health and choose from its over 200 mental health professionals, available at affordable rates.