Everything is going on-screen. But if you don’t know the right tips to put together your digital marketing strategy in 2022, your digital presence won’t get noticed. If you’ve built a brand and the majority of people are unaware of it simply because of poor marketing, you need to understand that people are spending more time on-screen than any other medium to get information.

Hence, without adapting the updatedmarketing strategy you might lose a larger chunk of your audience. If you’re eager to stand out in the digital marketing race, Jumpto1 is the right place where you need to be.

1.   Revise Your Previous Strategy

Prior to diving into any strategy and opting for any “formula” be crystal-clear about your desire regarding the marketing. Certainly you want to get more limelight and response. For that, do  research in chunks and take an in-depth analysis of your last year marketing performance to know why there is a need for improvement. Simple way to do that is to keep an eye on your competitors and, need I say “use tools”.

2.     Use the GSOT Strategy

The GSOT strategy is about goals, strategies, objectives and tactics that really bring in result-oriented feedback. You should know how you’ll achieve results. Strategy is about telling you how your goals would come into being. Make sure to target focus, awareness, interest, desire and action. You may use a landing page for a webinar and social media to beguile the majority.

3.     Know Whom You Are Interacting

Probably this is the first thing any digital marketer knows, the target audience. In digital marketing you need to be highly precise so that the cent per cent results are observed. A person is more likely to buy your service/ product if you know how to interact.

4.     Make Buyer Persons

A buyer person plays a wise role for digital and non-digital marketing strategy. It’s a representative of your customer. A buyer person is based on market research, actual data about your existing customers, and some assumptions. You can create it by interview, survey and research, for sure. It greatly depends if you are dealing with B2B or B2C. Mainly in creating buyer personas you need information about;

  • Age
  • Goals
  • Income
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Hobbies and interests

5.     Make a Content Plan

In digital marketing, never underestimate the power of content. To attract the right customers towards your brand recognition or broader level search Hashtags on Instagram to infer trending. Remember that Instagram is all about visuals and for digital marketing that works. Also look for Google Search suggestions, Answer the Public, Pinterest and anything that is more into visuals.

6.     Pick the Visual Channel

After getting the result from each (visual) channel, check out which one gives you the most positive results. You should have the analytical data regarding how each medium responded and gave feedback then stick to the most right one that resonates with your audience.

7.  Be Diverse

One likely mistake that many of us make is to stick to the plane. If a digital strategy isn’t bringing in the positive results you need to fix and adjust it. Opt for new creativity if that ad doesn’t work out. Use several CTA and run an A/B comparison test if the website isn’t achieving the goal of traffic. There are many wise ways such as choosing a “learn more” call to action against “sign up now”! See what works for your niche.

8.  Pick up Your Marketing Method

Reaching to goals and getting the most out of digital marketing finds its best way through figuring out which method works ideally. Thanks to the tools and advancement that is giving marketers the ease to access, now you can opt for either of the listed methods to plan out leads

·         Content marketing

·         Email marketing

·         Search engine optimization (SEO)

·         Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

·         Social media marketing

·         Influencer marketing

The good news is there are many more methods out there and you have fuller privilege to pick your preference.

9.  Scan the Results

While there are so many ways to make your digital marketing strategy work out it is equally important to analyze results. Always prioritize the “why” and “why not” thing. Check if clicks are shaping into conversion? What makes that happen! This strategy is certainly made so that you know what works for you and what unnecessary methods you might be overdoing are. And one more important thing, use the latest tools and be vigilant.


When we talk about tips and tricks to boost digital marketing approach, the list is on-going. However we have included only those points that create a baseline. Mostly the core part is converted in detail. For ace marketing, stay focused on goals to eliminate effort that is unnecessary.