Ever since she found a way to millions of hearts with her iconic role as Rachel Green on Friends, she kept entertaining her fans and became a household name. The TV and Movie star has a loyal fan following of millions, but still, some might not know some things about her. From her pre-friends work to her so-called fears, here are 10 things you should know about your favorite celebrity.

She Worked As A Waitress

Like her on-screen role in Friends, the actress has worked several times as a waitress, which she says was the most horrible experience of her life. Apart from waitressing, she also did pursue her earnings through telemarketing and even earned quick cash by cleaning toilets in childhood. Read more to know about Jen’s lifestyle, her career path and family background.

She Gave Audition For The Role Of Monica

Yes, you heard it right. Although we couldn’t imagine this star in any other role on Friends, she originally auditioned for the role of Monica because she says that as a teenager, she had a lot more in common with this Monica Geller as she was a fat girl at school.

She Did Not Like Her ‘rachel Haircut’

Although her Friend’s hairstyle has become the most iconic hairstyle in history, she says that she didn’t like her hair throughout the seasons. She explained that she likes her hair in long waves.

She Has A Fear Of Water

Jennifer Aniston gave an outstanding performance in the movie ‘Cake’ and it’s one of the best performances of her career. However, behind the scenes, she had to overcome the fear she has in life which is fear of water and she had to deal with all this during the pool scenes in the film.

She Has Been A Director

Her success is not only dependent on her on-screen career, but this TV star has made her name with the actions behind the camera. She has directed well-known movies, some of which include Room 10 and Anthology of five paths called Five.

She Had To Lose Weight Before Joining The Friend’s Cast

Once she had been selected for the Rachel part, she was told that she needs to shed 30 pounds if she wants to join the set and she immediately agreed to it.

She loved to be a therapist

In her interview with Chelsea Handler, she revealed that if she had been on another career line, she would be a therapist. She added that she has always been the best advisor to her friends and loves to understand people’s feelings and their thought processes.

She Once Had Been To A Haunting House

In an interview in December 2018, Jennifer said that when she made a move to Los Angeles, she was not aware of living in the haunted house until strange things started to happen.

She Has A Certain Taste In Jeans

In a 2015 interview, Anniston revealed that she prefers wide-leg jeans and would go for the nice flared option that gives 70’s vibes when selecting a pair of jeans. She said that she would prefer to pick comfort over fashion.