If you have some triple sec, Absolut Citron, lime juice and cranberry juice on hand in your kitchen, then you are in luck. As it turns out, you probably have enough ingredients to whip up a delicious cosmopolitan. Although many people do not think about pairing this flavorful drink with something to snack on, the only question for those people is, why not?

Without a doubt, finding the right food to pair with your tasty cocktail can be an excellent way to enjoy your special adult beverage even more than you typically would. The thing is, it can be hard to think of solid pairing options on the spot. That is where this list comes in. Check out these nine tasty foods to serve with a cosmopolitan cocktail.

1. Cheese and Crackers

As one of the most basic food pairing options for nearly every sort of alcohol, cheese and crackers make a solid choice for serving with cosmopolitans, too. Whether you what to buy some cheap box of generic salty round crackers or something a bit fancier, either can be quite delicious.

2. Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

For another tasty appetizer to pair well with your cocktail, look no further than shrimp and cocktail sauce. As a top choice among many cosmopolitan drinkers, the flavors of the shrimp blend extremely well with the lime and cranberry undertones of the beverage. 

3. Chocolate Souffle

For those with more of a sweet tooth, a chocolate souffle can be another food to snack on while you are sipping down your Citron concoction. Offering a contrasting palette from the bitterness of the cranberry and lime, this sweet treat can create the perfect balance.

4. Vanilla Ice Cream

Another sweet option to try is vanilla ice cream. Simple and tasty but not overwhelming, a small bowl of ice cream can make a wonderful side with your cosmopolitan cocktail. To mix things up, add just a hint of chocolate drizzle on top.

5. Cherries

A sweet but healthier option than chocolate or ice cream, cherries almost make good pairing with a cosmopolitan. Of course, cherries are going to be more of a snack than some food items on this list, but they can make a nice light option. 

6. Raspberries

If you like the idea of eating fruit but you want to try something a little more tart, raspberries also offer numerous health benefits while packing in a tasty flavor next to your cosmopolitan masterpiece. To really mix things up, you can even put some in your drink!

7. Cured Salmon Gravlax

Going back to saltier flavors, a more filling dish to try with your cocktail is cured salmon gravlax. As a type of fresh salmon cured with salt and sugar, this dish really brings out the lime and zest of the cosmopolitan while also offering a smooth balance of tastes. 

8. Fried Fish Sticks

For a simpler and more affordable pairing idea, good old friend fish sticks make just as reliable of a food pairing as any other options on this like. If you are wondering if this includes the box of frozen fish sticks in your freezer, the answer is yes. (Go preheat the oven.)

9. Smoked Fish

For a final food (and fish) suggestion to put next to your cosmopolitan, smoked fish is another solid salty choice. With smells and flavors to bring out the Citron and lime, smoked fish is one of the best “real meal” options to pair with a cosmo.

At the end of the day, there are many foods to eat with a cosmo, and as mentioned, they often do not need food at all. Still, this list can provide some inspiration. Which food sounds tastiest to you?