If your house has carpeted floorings, you must have heard about several tips and tricks for keeping them clean and fresh. Unfortunately, for keeping a carpet maintained, one needs to put some effort into carpet cleaning Adelaide .

And, failure in maintaining a carpet will only drain you financially as getting a replacement is a costly affair. To keep your valuable carpets durable and clean for a long time, there are a few bad habits that you need to get rid of.

So, let’s take a look at the habits that are making your carpets worse.

Not Vacuuming Regularly

The key to keeping a home and workspace clean is regular vacuuming of the carpets. No matter if the traffic at your place is high or moderate, carpet fibres are designed for absorbing pollutants. And, airborne contaminants like pollen, dust, smoke, oil particles and so on can easily settle on your carpet.

Lack of regular vacuuming can make your carpets extremely filthy. It is recommended to vacuum carpets at least twice a week. And, if you haven’t been paying attention to your carpet’s cleanliness, it may eventually end up taking a toll on your health.

Not checking for Mould Growth

Moulds are the worst enemy of your carpets. These fungi grow in a humid environment and can easily multiply on your carpets when the humidity is high. Furthermore, minor leakage and dampness in the walls can also be a major reason behind your carpet’s moulds.

If your property has frequent leakage issues, it is important that you keep an eye on the carpets. Else, these moulds can leave ugly stains, release odour and trigger allergies within a few days.

Your carpets can get permanently destroyed because of moulds. Therefore, make sure to check your carpets thoroughly and ventilate your rooms once a week for humidity control.

Leaving Stains Unattended

Acting quick can save your carpets from being stained. However, it is not always possible to remain available in the house. Some accidents can happen in your absence. And these stains can give you a tough time once they have dried out.

Such events are quite frequent and common. However, leaving stains on the carpets is disastrous. Your carpets don’t just retain an ugly stain, but also impose the risk of mould growth and attract pests to your house.

Therefore, if you have left carpet stains unattended, it is important that you make sure to clean up the mess quickly. Feel free to call professionals for carpet steam cleaning Melbourne !

No Ban on Shoes

Your shoes bring in a lot of dirt inside your house. And, these soil particles end up settling inside your carpets. With everyday walking, the pressure and soil particles damage the fibres of the carpet.

If you have not banned walking with shoes on, then this house rule should be implemented quickly. Make sure to place a door mat at your entrance, as this will help in removing dirt from the shoes before entering the house.

So, if you have been following the bad habit of walking with shoes on implement the ‘no shoe on carpet’ rule to see the difference yourself!

Waiting Too Long For Professional Cleaning

Following the rule of thumb is the least you can do for your carpets. Unfortunately, many carpet owners remain irregular in hiring professionals for annual carpet cleaning Perth . This bad habit can be damaging your carpets.

Extreme dirt accumulation stains and organic matters inside the carpets can easily deteriorate the carpet’s condition. Further, if the traffic at your house is high you should not wait for the annual cleaning.

Availing professional carpet cleaning services at least twice a year is a key to maintaining a healthy and safe environment at home. So, if you have missed the annual cleaning of your carpets, make sure to call the professionals as soon as possible.

Not Hiring Professionals At All

While many rely on experts for taking care of their carpets, many do it themselves. With so many tips and tricks easily accessible on the internet, many carpet owners are willing to take matters into their hands, in a hope of saving a few bucks.

Unfortunately, DIY hacks work only to an extent. You should try DIY tips for cleaning minor stains, and maintenance of your carpets. But, when it comes to deep cleaning, nothing beats the results of professionals.

Furthermore, experts know the right techniques for cleaning carpets using suitable chemicals. So, make sure you don’t entirely rely on DIY hacks and hire professionals whenever required.

Cleaning Carpets At Home

Several homeowners prefer investing in handheld equipment so they can clean their carpets at home without any professional consultation. This is a big mistake.

Different carpets need to be cleaned using appropriate cleaning techniques. Dry cleaning a carpet that needs shampooing will only reduce the lifespan of your carpet.

If you have a habit of cleaning carpets at home, make sure you consult a professional first. Ensure you give your carpets a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Using Chemicals

Some amount of chemicals is necessary when it comes to cleaning carpets. However, there are several carpet cleaning solutions available in stores that make it hard to choose.

Cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals and bleach is a big NO! These chemicals can fade out the colour of your carpets and make the fibres weak.

So, if you have been cleaning carpets using store-bought cleaners, make sure you stop it immediately.

Not Keeping Your Pet Clean

Dirty pets are the biggest source that makes your carpets filthy. They roam around outside and enter the house without cleaning their paws. Further, pets also release dander, and hair and can make your carpets stink aside from staining them.

If you have not been keeping your pets clean, it is going to make your carpets filthy as well. So, make sure you wash the paws of your pets and bathe them regularly.

End Note

These were the 9 habits that were making your carpets dirty. Take care of your pets, put a ban on wearing shoes indoors and contact professionals to keep your carpets clean, fresh and flawless!