Buying a car costs a considerably huge amount of money. After that, you have to spend some more money on maintenance from time to time. Doing so will ensure that your car is in good condition at all times and extend its life.

But what happens if you do not maintain your car?

You risk causing accidents endangering your life and the lives of those you ride with

Your car can break down at any moment, even in the middle of a road trip with your family members, which is very inconvenient. Furthermore, you will have to incur sudden expenses on repairs to get your car moving.

 In the end, you will spend more money on repairs than you would have on maintenance, and your car won’t last long.

That said! Below are 9- car maintenance tips that you and every other car owner should know.

  1. Always Inspect Your Car

Walk around your car and check for body damage. Check your tires for punctures, cuts, or any form of wear and tear. Also, test your locks, windows, and sunroof and ensure that they are working as they should. Do this at least once a week.

  1. Regularly Check Your Car Tires for Pressure

Tire pressure affects fuel economy. It also affects your car’s comfort and handling. Check your tires at least once every week to ensure that they have enough pressure. Every vehicle has a recommended tire pressure. If you do not know what’s yours, you can always check your car’s owner manual to confirm.

  1. Check Your Cars Battery

Your battery is one of the critical components necessary for the car to run. It provides a lot of electrical current for the engine, starter, and several other electronic appliances. Car batteries do not respond to extreme temperatures. So, it is in your best interest to regularly check your battery to ensure that it is performing well at all times.

  1. Regularly Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

Oil is what keeps your engine alive. It lubricates the engine to prevent important parts from grinding against each other and causing damage to the entire engine system. Prolonged use of oil can damage the engine due to friction caused by contaminants that accumulate over time.

To prevent that from happening, make sure you change your oil regularly.

  1. As You Change Your Oil, Replace the Air Filter too

Replace your air filter at least once or twice a year. But that also depends on how much you drive your car. The best practice is to check your air filter when changing your oil.

  1. Inspect All Your Other Fluids

Oil is not the only fluid you need to inspect. Experts recommend the inspection of other car fluids such as coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluids, and brake fluid because they all can affect the performance of your car. Replace or refill these fluids whenever necessary.

  1. Always Pay Attention to Your Brakes When Driving

Brakes are a critical part of every vehicle. When they fail, bad things happen.

To ensure safety, always pay close attention to how your brakes feel or sound as you drive. If they feel spongy or too hard, that is a sign something is amiss. You need to take your car to a professional.

Noisy brakes are an indication that your car needs maintenance or repair.

  1. Be a Careful Driver

There is no better way to maintain your car than to be a careful driver. It is the only sure way to ensure minimal damage and extend your car’s life.

  • Do not Overspeed
  • Do not strain your engine
  • Avoid warming the engine by idling your car
  • Avoid too many short drives
  • Do not accelerate too quickly when you start to drive

These are some of the few things you need to observe to care for your car.

  1. Let the Experts Do their Job

Indeed, there are plenty of things you can fix in your car all by yourself. But the things you can’t do are equally as many. Fix what you can and leave what you cannot to experts like Black Label Automotive.

If you try to fix something you have no knowledge of, you might end up causing more damage to your car. That is not in your best interest.

You want your car taken care of in the best possible way so that it can last longer. There is only one way to achieve that; let the experts do their job. For auto body repair, call the CSN Collision Edmonton experts.


Your car is one of the highest investments you have. It is also your cherished travel companion. You have to give it proper care and maintenance because that’s the least it deserves. Either way, that’s the only way it can continue serving you well.