How are you feeling today? Busy, tired, overwhelmed? You’re not alone. There are many people who feel the same way that you do. Even though we have more time-saving technology than ever before, it still feels like there’s never enough time to get everything done! And when we don’t get things done, our productivity suffers. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of apps for your phone that will help make every minute count and give you back some control over your life!

1.    Wunderlist :

Wunderlist is a task management app that lets you create and share to-do lists with everyone else. It’s like an online version of your notebook, except it syncs across all of your Wunderlist-enabled platforms. You may add tasks in any order, update them or delete ones you’ve completed, set reminders for each thing on your checklist, and link files from other applications like Google Drive or Onedrive.

2.    Self-Control App :

This application is the most efficient approach to filter off distractions and avoid visiting time-consuming websites. Moreover, it’s quite easy to use: simply input the sites that are distracting you, select the length of time you want them restricted (from minutes to days), restart your computer or phone at a later time, and voilà! You should be able to complete your tasks without being interrupted.

3.    Freedom App :

Freedom is a productivity programme that works similarly to Self-Control, but with one major difference: it can be used on both your computer and your smartphone. Freedom bans particular apps and games from being accessible during business hours, in addition to banning irritating websites for as long as you want them restricted.

4.    WorkraveApp :

Workrave has an alarm clock that reminds you to take a rest at frequent intervals, so you don’t have to recollect! If you’re attempting to avoid RSI (repetitive strain injury) by typing too much – which many people do these days owing to messaging and programming – it’ll come in handy.

5.    To-Do List App :

A to-do list is a type of task organiser that may assist you in organising and completing everyday duties. If everything is laid out in front of you, you’ll never overlook anything – not only for today, but also for the days ahead. This application stands out among other productivity applications by delivering intelligent insights based on how long it takes the typical user to complete particular tasks inside each application. This information aids users in determining whether or not they wish to include that specific activity in their daily schedule. Also, if you’re new to this, go to 1337X to download this app for free and give it a try.

6.    Asana :

Look no further if you’re seeking basic task management. Asana raises productivity to new heights by allowing team members to collaborate and manage tasks without having to deal with tangled email chains that just add to the complexity. You may delegate responsibilities, set milestones, and debate specific project subjects via remarks on individual items in your browser window, as well as offline messages sent directly to one user’s mailbox. After putting this application into any computer or mobile – users will be able to see how much time they spend within each software during the day, allowing them to understand where all of their time passes. Users will be able to work more effectively and avoid unwanted distractions during working hours as a result of this.

7.    Google Keep :

This application will assist you in staying organised and on schedule. For example, you may make your own shopping list or travel checklist and then sync it across all of your devices, whether they’re smartphones or ipads. This application is accessible in 21 languages, allowing users from all around the world to participate. You can also write notes, keep a personal journal, make voice memos, and do a lot more with it. It’s essentially your own personal assistant that collects and manages all of the knowledge you could need for later usage in a single program.

8.    Trello :

Trello is a terrific programme for team collaboration because it transforms every computer screen into an ongoing project conversation. The drag-and-drop feature makes it simple to shift assignments across lists, ensuring that everyone on the team is aware of what has to be done next. You may modify this application to fit your working style by adding or deleting elements that suit your needs. If you find that some items distract you when you’re trying to do crucial activities, consider concealing them in the settings.

9.    Rescue Time :

Rescue Time is a free platform that keeps track of how much time you spend on various websites and applications. It also keeps track of how much productive time you’ve spent working and creating, as well as which applications or websites are causing you to lose productivity.


There are various applications that can help you increase productivity, but they all have distinct layouts and functionality. The applications listed above are the best, so if you’re feeling unproductive, give them a try at least once.