Florals are reasonably inexpensive and environmentally friendly compared to other design options, and they will instantly add a splash of organic colour that you can’t obtain from any other kind of decoration.

We’ve picked together a variety of unusual methods to decorate with dried flower arrangements that are sure to liven up your space, whether you’re seeking for new ways to showcase your floral arrangements or simply want to make the most of the flower bouquet you’ve brought into your home.

  • Flower Heads can be used as a decoration – “An altar/reverent type of decorating is something I really appreciate doing with flowers that isn’t very common in the United States,” says Gretchen Winterkorn, a flower farmer at Birdess. “I take the heads off of showy flowers that last longer, such dahlias, zinnias, and strawflowers, and position them around photos, sculptures, and memories that I want to highlight and make memorable.”
  • Make Floral Floating Arrangements – Consider clipping the flower heads off and placing them in a shallow bowl filled with water if your flowers are starting to wilt or if you just want a unique method to display your blossoms. This will make them survive longer than if the stems were left on, plus it will give you a whole new perspective on your flowers.
  • Make Use Of Dried Flowers – Dried and preserved flower arrangements are underutilised, yet they’re the best way to have florals in your home without having to constantly prune, water, and clean up after them. Flowers that have been dried or kept properly will last for months (if not years) and are just as versatile as fresh flowers. You can either make your own dried flowers by drying fresh flowers upside down or purchase a professionally dried and preserved bouquet (although this comes at a premium).
  • Hang Them in Bottles That Are Suspended – Flowers don’t have to be centrepieces or in vases to be beautiful. Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love, says, “I want to go outside of the box and create locations to exhibit them, or things to hold them, that are a little out of the box.” “I especially enjoy placing them in bottles or vials and hanging them on your wall with string.”
  • Forage for Blooms in the Open Air – Picking your own flowers from your garden or a neighbouring outdoor location has an innate sweetness to it. They don’t have to be daisies or hydrangeas, either—a well-curated collection of bright “weeds” can look stunning in a vase, especially when paired with a nature-inspired pattern.
  • Make a Garland out of them – “Creating a flower garland to place all over the house is one of unique ways to decorate with dried flowers,” . These garlands are actually quite simple to build, and you can use any sort of flower to make a truly unique piece!”
  • Make Your Side Tables More Interesting – Mitchell also recommends using smaller preserved flower arrangements to make your side tables a focal point in your home. “Scatter lovely bouquets of flowers across your various side tables with a couple of elegant vases,” she says. “You can further improve the arrangement by accenting the blossoms with jewellery boxes, crystals, and other decorative things.”
  • Use Surprising Vessels – When making your own floral arrangement, you don’t have to limit yourself to vases or even glass jars. Consider utilising unusual household items, such as an old pair of rubber boots, for a more eye-catching and quirky look.

Indoors and outdoors, combine your dried flowers with attractive arrangements. It appears to be live because of the attention to detail. It will bring a grin on your face whether you place it on the windowsill or beside the table. With them, you’ll have a picture-perfect look!