Instant grocery delivery apps in the USA are the most downloaded on-demand apps in 2022. As the year begins, on-demand grocery delivery solution apps are high in demand. If you look at the market statistics, the future of the Grocery delivery app industry is bright.

According to a Statista report, Instacart, GoPuff, and 7-Eleven are the top 3 most preferred grocery applications in the market. With over 8 million downloads, Instacart tops the list.

Sure, you are also thinking of contacting an on-demand grocery mobile app development company. Now, you are on the right path. The grocery application will be very popular in the coming years. 

After thorough market research, it’s time to study your competitors. You must learn from their best customer-oriented services. It is also important to learn from their mistakes too. 

8 Top On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps in the USA

To stand out in this competitive market, it is important to have a unique grocery application. Most people still choose big box retailers instead of third-party apps. Thus, you have an added advantage and more reasons to bring your physical store on the internet. 

Thus, it will help you connect with more grocery delivery app users and build strong customer relationships. Your grocery store application development company will build a unique grocery app for you. 

Let’s look at the top 8 on-demand grocery delivery apps-


Walmart is one of the oldest grocery and food companies in the world. With over 50 million downloads, Walmart is one of the most preferred grocery shopping apps in the world. Also, it offers household essentials, the latest tech gadgets, medicines, and more. 

Besides grocery delivery and pickup, the Walmart app also uses a shipping method to deliver groceries and home essentials. Users can have free delivery over $35 shopping. It is also easy to track the order on the Walmart app.

An all-in-one delivery app is what is. Not only the grocery, but it also delivers alcohol, laundry, and food. Users can find the best local delivery service providers on the app. 

It has an easy navigation and tracking system. The app provides the best grocery delivery services within minutes. The best thing is its multi-payment system. 

Users can use Venmo, Masterpass, Paypal, Google pay, Visa checkout, Google pay, and credit cards as major payment options.  

Since its launch in May 2012, the app has become the most sought-after grocery delivery app in the market. Therefore, it has gained over 100k users in the last decade. 


Since its launch in Jan 2013, GoPuff has become the most popular food and grocery application with over 5 million downloads. Besides food and alcohol delivery, it also fulfills the users’ everyday needs for the grocery.

There are no too-early or too-late concepts with this mobile app. Users are free to book their orders 24×7. The order will get executed within minutes. Moreover, GoPuff accepts all the major online payment options via an in-app payment gateway.

GoPuff has covered over 1000 cities with over 3000 products on their mobile app. Their recent additions include California and NYC. They also do business in the UK, France, and Spain. 


With over 10 million downloads, Instacart has become one of the best grocery delivery apps in the market. It was released in May 2014 to ease people’s day-to-day tasks. It offers to deliver fresh groceries from the local market. 

Instacart offers various snacks, veggies, fresh fruits, and many other household essentials on the app. With the same-day delivery option, Instacart has become the most popular grocery delivery service in the USA.


It was released in December 2017 in the USA. The grocery delivery app has become the most popular app in the country. Along with the grocery items, it also offers alcohol, drinks, snacks, ice creams, frozen foods, baked goods, health & personal care items, and more. 

This grocery delivery app contains over 3000 items to deliver. Users can order their groceries and food items anytime and get instant delivery to their doorstep. Users can pin their food items for future orders. 


With over 5000 cities, Shipt has become one of the most popular instant grocery delivery apps in the USA. The cities they serve include San Francisco, California, Austin, Texas, Chicago, New York, Detroit, and more. 

Shipt provides shoppers to do the shopping and deliver the products on the same day. Moreover, the grocery delivery app also offers household items, beauty products, pet supplies, and alcohol delivery. 


With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, the Flipp grocery delivery app is free to use. Users can also shop for alcohol, household items, and medicine. They offer deals from over 2000 big box stores.

These outlets include Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar general, and more. They offer multiple deals and offers to market their services in the app. It includes loyalty cards, digital coupons, sharing deals with friends, and more.

Thus, users can find the best deals on pharmacy products, pet supplies, home & garden items, electronics, and more. Further, Flipp uses locations to find the best local deals for its users. 

Stop and Shop

It is a new and advanced grocery shopping app. Users can plan, purchase, and get on-time contactless delivery. The instant grocery delivery app offers digital coupons to find local stores, select groceries, and buy them.

Users can either pick up their groceries at the pre-scheduled time or have them delivered to their doorstep. As a result, users earn points with every shopping whether they shop online or in-store. 

The stop-and-shop app was released in March 2011. It has achieved over one million downloads with its exceptional services. 


Now, you know how all these apps are transforming people’s lives daily. They provide comfort, affordable prices, and many money-saving deals to keep the users hooked. If you are looking for an on-demand grocery delivery app development, you’ve come to the right place.

Many developing nations provide a cost-effective and qualitative grocery delivery solution. Your unique grocery delivery app idea with the latest technological incorporation will help you grow tremendously. 

Further, you can download these apps from Google Play Store and App store to understand their services. And, it will also help ease your daily life as a customer.