Slot machines equate to pure entertainment and are an easy way to have fun. It is you who decides and through practice you get a better ability to aim at the stars.

There is a whole jungle out in the world where you can find many different slot machines that will definitely enhance your gaming experience. There are different types in different categories in terms of graphics, theme and design. Choose yourself based on your personality and what you like. Thanks to the Internet, today you can play online slot machines to win a big sum of cash.

What Differs Slot Machines?

As mentioned above, there are many different slot machines to choose from and to get a better insight, you should know that what sets them apart is how you as a player can use different functions. These include scatter and wild symbols, bonus rounds and jackpots, which come in regular or progressive versions. You can also choose from slot machines that pull in the minimalist direction or slot machines that offer a lot. Basically slot machines are a symbol of pure luck and do not require any tricks, unlike games like gambling or baccarat. But in reality a lot of people get frustrated and they start brokering that maybe they can outsmart the slot machines. This is the topic we will cover in this article.

Is Cheating Possible in Slot Games? 

There’s always an opportunity for everything and with regards to slot cheats, it’s still possible. There is a mechanical defect in the cabinet that allows that to happen. Here are 8 tips from professional gamblers of all time that we have collected one by one. However, you should be aware that if you do one or more of these 8 ways then you will face serious legal risks. You will be charged with willful fraud and you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time in prison. 

Without the need to linger, consider the following 8 tips. 

#1 Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are a kind of secret cheat method; therefore, they are not open to the public. The history of Cheat Codes goes back to when the first video slots appeared. The developers of the first generation of video slots used simple computer codes. But in every coding, there is a loophole called a “back door” and this is what sophisticated hackers use. Developers used to leave “back doors” in coding to allow them to access all parts of the software ecosystem whenever they wanted. Well, usually the hackers who use Cheat Codes are initially part of the development team of a casino. They use their experience and expertise to steal from the companies they have worked for. 

#2 Drawstring Coins

This method works based on the fact that some slot machines use a simple light sensor to identify the coin’s intended value. Drawstring Coins mean coins that are intentionally shaved or scraped. The slot machine’s light sensor will usually detect it as a regular coin because it cannot perform a detailed examination of the outer edge of the coin. However, the payment mechanism is usually able to detect something wrong with the coin and decide to reject it. Thus one can insert coins, spin the reels, and get coins back. But this trick is hard to do now that most modern slot machines have used modern light sensors. 

#3 Counterfeit Coins

As the name implies this is a method that uses fake coins. Some sneaky gamblers use their coins. They usually use hard metal molds and anyone can see this scam. Unfortunately, most light sensors cannot, except for modern light sensors which were invented less than a decade ago. 

#4 Yo-Yo

This is a simple trick. You simply tie your coin, drop it into the machine and when the light sensor detects it, pull the string and get your coin back. But modern slot machine mechanics no longer allow this kind of scam. 

#5 Light Wand

This method was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a well-known slots con artist. It uses a special device that “tricks” the light sensor. The way it works is more complicated because it makes the light sensor recognize the wrong number of coins. Suppose you insert 1 coin then the slot machine will think that you put in a lot of coins. This method is usually used by people who are not ready to take risks because the devices used can be very small. 

#6 Piano Wire

This is a pretty “crude” trick because you need a set of mechanical tools like a drill machine. You have to find a mechanical slot cabinet and make a small hole next to the gear. Insert the piano wires into the holes (about 20 inches long) and manipulate the wheels and gears. But of course, your risk of being caught will be even greater. 

#7 Top-Bottom Connection

This is another device created by our maestro Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The Top-Bottom connection is a kind of long wire whose top looks like the letter Q, while the bottom connects to a mini battery. You have to insert the top into the coin chute and then apply voltage to the wire. You have to force the cabinet to release all the stored coins. This technique is impossible if you don’t understand the anatomy of the machine you’re hacking. 

#8 Computer Chip Replacement

You need more effort to run this trick. You have to buy a used slot cabinet, engineer the chip and write the entire code until you get your chip. Now go to the nearest casino, open the cabinet and insert your engineered chips. But now this trick is difficult to do since the dual control mechanism was invented a few years ago. 

Wrapping Up

So are you still interested in doing one of the tricks above? Our advice is don’t do that because you might end up getting yourself into big trouble. Enjoy the slot machine as it is and you will understand the essence of the slot machine itself. And for the last information, pro gamblers find on this site the highest payout casinos to play