Do you consider yourself one of the workers who wish to transfer your work into your company’s American branches? And have a goal to represent your corporation in America? Then this article might be better. It is all about L1 Visa.

Moreover, in preparing the endorsement, the US corporation needs to send a petition letter and serves as the petitioner for the beneficiaries, which is the workers. It may take time, so please follow the conditions and provide the requirements you must prepare quickly. Being prepared makes you ready in case they demand more documents. That is why ensure that you provide the essentials to assure an outstanding result.

Take the time to read this article. Below are the details that serve as your guidelines to familiarize this endorsement. This information can help you in case that you don’t know what to do. So, be part of this discussion. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions on our site. 

What is an L1 visa?

This section contains the definition of the L1 visa. This endorsement is for future US workers with the corporation transfer project’s help. It is for the individual who manages to transfer working abroad with an excellent partnership to the US nation. Dissimilar to the E2 visa that is all about business and investments, this particular endorsement is for individuals who want to work in the United States. 

In particular, this visa is a non-immigrant endorsement for international companies to transfer their administrative, director, and individuals with excellent exclusive comprehension to the United States. Still, the person that is sending away must retain their position when they reach the US nation. It is the same position, and no one can change it unless the employers take action.

Moreover, as we mentioned a while ago, there are two kinds of L1 visas. It includes the L1A and L1B. The L1A is the kind of L1 visa for the administrative and director. Thus, an L1B visa is for a person with complete comprehension. Either of these two may provide excellent welfares; thus, the position is not the same. 

Notably, this endorsement has another purpose. It also positively affects your family. There are cases in which immigration grants some welfares for your spouse and children. That is why having this document is an outstanding advantage to give your family a more extraordinary life like yours hereupon. Below are the record of some possible welfares you might get when they grant you this visa.

The welfare of Having an L1 Visa

This section includes the possible welfares that you can get when you have this visa. Each of these data can give an outstanding outcome, especially to your loved ones. Owning this endorsement is a practical matter. It consists of the following;

  • In the USA, you can grind and reside.

Having this visa, residing and grinding freely in America is possible. You may have the authority to make a duty as a worker in the company that granted you this visa.

  • Extend Residency

Having a three-year visa as an administrative and director, extending for four more years with seven years in total of your access, is within reach. Hence, they can extend you for three more years for complete comprehension with a two-year visa.

  • visa with a double aim

In some cases, many non-immigrant individuals’ visas require a resident objective. It refers to going back to your own country. Plus, having no idea of immigrating to America. 

Furthermore, in the state of these visas, you can have dual intended permits. Meaning you want to stay in America for a brief time while planning to immigrate to America

  • It doesn’t require a set of wage agreements.

At a particular moment, some companies might charge you the least wage. However, if you have this visa, the American corporation doesn’t make any conditions. Finding a job freely without paying wages is possible.

  • Family immigration welfares are within reach.

Most individuals decide to work abroad because of their families. That is a common reason why most American institutions that offer these visas proposed some welfares for your loved ones. They can also get L2 access, depending on you.

Moreover, your souse can find any jobs in America. You can most significantly give your kids an excellent education to attend schooling in America. With these conditions, you can ensure their security and safety.

  • Getting premium processing eligibility is an advancement.

This visa may give you excellent welfare, including the eligibility of getting a premium processing. The USCIS may provide to process your petition with a $2,500 additional fee. Still, using premium processing, you can quickly get feedback about your visa petition.

  • No annual limit when applying for this visa.

Some have a quota, but for this visa, having no annual limit is attainable.


We are grateful to give you this excellent information to help you prepare yourself if you have the idea of living and working in America. A perfect opportunity to elevate your life status for your family. Sharing with you this data is one of the most helpful methods to provide a piece of comprehension about this L1 visa. More significant than that is that you can assure your work’s safety if you get this kind of endorsement.

Moreover, all the information above can be your guidelines while preparing the documents needed to apply for this affidavit. Following the instructions and completing the requirements can result in a quicker procedure. Having an excellent list of welfares can also motivate you to apply for this endorsement. Each of these welfares can give you a significant advantage to decide if you are willing to get the position and fly abroad. 

The US nation somehow has a fantastic offer that can change your life excellently. It is a matter of following the law and take responsibility when it comes to working. For that reason, you can rest assured that they can provide the welfares that can turn the table to the positive side. So, do your best and be thankful if they grant you this fantastic endorsement.

Thank you and good luck!