Whether you are managing an LED display for internal use or as part of a digital billboard signage display, it’s necessary to give some thought to the content.

What will work best to catch the eye of people passing by an outdoor display? Also, what content ideas are appropriate and useful for displays in a shopping centre, an office, and other locations? Think about how to create it efficiently and not have it require days of creative work each time a display update needs to be updated.

Here are 8 simple ways to create content suitable for digital signage.

2.Take Advantage of Transparent Screens

For shop displays, the latest technology for LED screens includes almost completely transparent LED displays. These are ideal to place in front of windows or elsewhere that can be observed from a distance.

Content can be created to take advantage of the high level of transparency combined with over 5,500 nits of brightness (laptop monitors average 300 nits). Vivid colours pop with displays of this type, so it’s particularly good for the promotion of apparel, sportswear, and high fashion. A series of vibrant still images finished off in Photoshop can deliver the right impression for shoppers.

3.Workout Videos as Safety Instruction

Creating a video of someone running through a series of stretch movements might be helpful. Adding a voice-over narration talking people through what the person is doing will be useful too. Be sure to add subtitles, so the hard of hearing or deaf exercisers don’t miss out. Use a video subtitles tool or access the subtitles feature in your favourite editor, like Premiere Pro to include them.

4.Spread the Word with a QR Code

As seen in a recent Superbowl advertisement, QR codes within advertising allow passers-by to pull out their phone and scan them quickly. What’s contained in the code can relate to the other information on the  digital signage display or be a direct link to the advertiser’s home page.

You’ll need to create the QR code for inclusion in the promotional image. There are different tools to do this, and download the code ready for insertion into your promotional ad display.

5.Use Canva Templates to Speed Up Production

If you’re pressed for time or want easy access to royalty-free images, then Canva.com is a good option. They have many stock photos that are pre-licensed for their users to add to content templates.

Along with poster templates, they also have backgrounds to add in, icons, shapes, and other items to knock up a poster for a digital display in no time.

6.Encourage More Social Engagement

For a retail shop that wants shoppers to engage with them on social media, their in-store digital displays can show their social media prominently.

The display could simply be showing a web browser with the brand’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page. The browser could also be set to automatically reload the page every 15 or 30-minutes, so when the feed is being updated frequently, it’ll refresh often enough to show the latest information.

A rectangular display that is taller, not wider, will fit more information on the screen.

7.Departmental News Update

Departments can share updated information on a central display. Expediency is what’s required here, particularly when new information is imparted daily.

Therefore, creating basic slides in Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, or something similar is fast to do. Just create new slides using an existing template for the company/department, and update what is shown on the display. Then verify that it’s displaying the new information correctly to the team.

8.Caller Waiting

Call centres regularly rely on digital displays to show the latest callers-waiting information to the staff in real-time.

The information conveyed may include calls in the queue, average wait time, longest wait time, and the average calls answered per hour. This allows call centre call handlers and managers to quickly assess how busy the phones lines are and whether the team is keeping up.

Call systems usually include access to this data and can output it to a connected LED display.

9.Quick Image Creation on the Web

On occasion, it’s necessary to mock something up and get it on the digital signage ASAP. At this point, a fully-featured graphics package can be overkill and delay completion due to all the bells and whistles included.

A site like Pixlr.com allows rapid creation of images, including adding new elements and laying filters over sections to change how that area appears. While it lacks some of what Canva or an advanced software editor offers, the rapid online production ability is key here.

Different options allow for the creation of new display content, adding videos, QR codes, the company’s logo, or creating relevant slideshows. Depending on the situation, each has its place. While an advanced photo editor or video editing tool allows creativity to flourish, they also add considerably to the design time. Therefore, using the right digital tool for each job can be far more efficient, especially if it’s only for internal use.