Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of owning a thriving business they can lay claim to and build their overall finances while having the freedom to be their own bosses. However, starting a business from scratch can be challenging as it’s unlikely you’ll be privy to some of the most relevant business practices. One of the fastest ways entrepreneurs can realize their dreams is by investing in a franchise. It should be one that you are passionate about and have the right experience, time, and the needed personal commitment. An example of an interesting, attractive, and flexible franchise you might want to consider is the lawn and landscaping business. Choosing to invest in a commercial landscaping franchise is a smart move to get into the business world. 

What does a Landscaping Franchise Do?

From the name, a lawn and landscaping franchise involves providing various services that aim to transform/beautify outdoor spaces in residential, commercial, or public areas. Check for lawn renovation services that includes mowing, seeding, and watering, while landscaping services include various practices that “redesign” the outdoor space, like planting and construction jobs (driveways, ponds, and fences). Although it’s a simple business model demanding less to start, competition is stiff, and industry leaders have aspects in their practices that set them apart from their competitors. Many reputable lawn and landscaping industry leaders offer franchising opportunities and can be a great place to start.

Read on to find out 8 top reasons you should consider investing in a lawn and landscaping franchise. 

A Straightforward and Affordable Business Model 

Compared to many other retail franchises, a lawn and landscaping franchise has a simple and affordable business model. This makes it relatively easy for franchisees to copy and join the bandwagon faster and seamlessly with just the right equipment, labor, and transportation costs. However, while it’s affordable and pretty easy to start, you can’t just decide to invest in the franchise at a moment’s notice. Like any business, it requires time to evaluate various aspects of the business-like location and customer base. 

Franchise Training and Other Support Options

Most lawn and landscaping franchises have a robust network of franchisees that communicate and guide each other while using various support mechanisms put in place by the franchise. This will make your transition into the business devoid of many challenges as you are always presented with opportunities to learn continually. 

Get to Work Outdoors 

One of the most notable upsides of being in a lawn and landscaping business is the lifestyle flexibility options. You will always have the luxury of working outdoors compared to other industries that may require prolonged and tiresome hours behind the desk. What’s more, you will also easily schedule and customize your work life around your life while enjoying the fresh air in the outside world. The only downside to this is when the weather is unfavorable. 

Low Recruiting Costs 

With a lawn and landscaping franchise, you won’t need to recruit highly qualified professionals as you’ll need an entry-level workforce with no formal education requirements. This will come in handy as your recruitment costs will be below if you plan on scaling up your operations. 

Regular Customers

Another good thing about the lawn and landscaping business is that once you’ve secured your customer base by proving that you can deliver, you’ll always have repeat customers with your contacts on speed dial. Homeowners and various property developments like hotels and sporting venues will need such services to spruce and maintain their outdoor spaces. 

Lower Fixed Costs 

A lawn and landscaping business is associated with far lower fixed costs than most retail businesses. They include expenses that don’t change despite the state of the business, whether revenues decrease or increase. Low fixed costs lead to more profits and make it easier to expand your business sustainably while monitoring the growth. 


Compared to most other retail businesses, a lawn and landscaping business is recession-proof due to its steady demand. Despite the prevailing economic situation, it’s rarely affected by market fluctuations and unpredictable economies since landscaping and lawn care services will always be in demand. 


When it comes to scaling up opportunities, the lawn and landscaping business is among the top on the list. The industry is broad, and you can choose whether to specialize in a particular service or broaden your reach. For instance, you can choose to focus on simple tasks like mowing and weeding or more involving ones like fencing and pond design services. However, you should note that your options for scaling up will be dependent on whether the franchise you join allows franchisees the opportunity.