With their striking eyes and adorable whiskers, it’s no wonder why cats are such popular pets. Right after dogs, cats are known to be the most popular pets globally. In 2021, around 27% of households had cats as pets, with the furry pet population being around 12.2 million.

If you are considering adopting a pet cat like so many others, here are eight amazing reasons why you definitely should bring one today!

1. You don’t have to walk them

Unlike dogs, cats don’t require daily morning or evening walks. Doesn’t it feel like a burden at times to come back home after a long day of work and go out immediately to take your dog on a walk? Well, with cats, that hassle isn’t there!

Instead of stomping on the snow-covered ground and freezing to death with a dog, you can curl up with your feline baby under a blanket instead!

2. They can groom themselves

Forget about buying grooming essentials for your cat, it can clean itself just fine! Cats are generally clean creatures that can groom without any outside help.

Some breeds might need a bit of brushing, but this is much less expensive than monthly trips to a grooming salon. Cats also don’t need to be bathed as often as dogs, which is another plus point!

3. No separation anxiety

You’ll hear a lot of dog owners complaining that their beloved pets can’t be left alone for long hours due to separation anxiety. But cats can manage just fine alone! This is especially advantageous if your office demands long hours from you.

When you come home, they’ll be patiently waiting for you (and their food). They’re equally cuddly when you want to skip work and lie with them quietly on the couch. So no matter what, cats can handle being alone like pros.

4. They take up little space

Most cat breeds are tiny, so they take up little to no space at all. Whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a small apartment, your cat can make itself very comfortable with the space provided to it. Just buy a small couch so that it can cuddle up nicely on it.

Even if you don’t have a backyard, it’s absolutely fine. Just as long as you supply it with food and water bowls and some toys, you pet is golden! You can buy premium-quality cat supplies at PETstock.

5. No training needed

When it comes to toilet habits, cats are mostly well-trained by default. So you don’t have to spend long hours asking it to behave properly around the house.

They will sit and walk as they please, so training isn’t really needed In fact, as time passes, you’ll notice that your cat will end up training you instead of the other way round.

6. They are mostly quiet

One big pro of having a little catto is that it’ll be quiet (mostly). Constant screeching or yapping is enough to make any pet-owner go crazy, and you definitely don’t need that, especially if you have small kids of your own. Having a cat means not even noticing it most of the times.

Cats communicate through body language and smells, which requires little vocal communication. But the occasional “meaow” will really melt your heart!

7. They know how to love

True, loving a cat takes a bit of work and patience, but once you’ve earned their love and respect, you’ll receive tenfold in return.

Most pet owners might disagree, but cats really know how to love and cherish their owners. Imagine your little baby curling up on your lap or nuzzling your face. Doesn’t that seem heavenly?

8. They are very entertaining

Television annoying your mind? Go get a cat today! With a cute little kitty in your house, you’ll get all the fun and entertainment you need. You can watch them play for hours with a ball or chase a toy mouse.

Even when they are sleeping in very strange positions, you’ll be tempted to keep watching them forever. So no matter which breed you choose, a cat is thoroughly entertaining.

Over to you…

With the onset of the pandemic, many people have turned to cats as their trusted companions, and with good reason. It only seems sensible to have a friend that is intelligent, quiet, and loves you with all its heart. Therefore, if you’re looking for an ideal pet, look no more and adopt a cat today!