A fireplace screen, which can be used with both gas and wood-burning fireplaces, serves as a barrier to keep sparks and coals from flying into the room. Designers researched and rated dozens of fireplace screens based on their ease of use, durability, efficiency, and value.

The Classic Pottery Barn Fireplace Triple Screen is the best overall option as it is made of high-quality cast iron and has clever centerboards for quick access.

The following are the most reliable fireplace screens available:

1. The Classic Pottery Barn Fireplace Triple Screen (best overall)


Easy access doors

Crafted from sturdy cast iron


Heaviest of the models

No other options for the color

The Classic Pottery Barn Triple Screen is an excellent choice for a fully functioning fireplace screen. This essential fireplace accessory is made of three-wire mesh frames and two different doors that open in the center, enabling easy access to sweep up ashes or tend the fire. It stands out because it is made of pounded cast iron, as appeared differently in relation to powder-coated metal, which is used in the majority of fireplace screens. Bear in mind that it’ll be heavier than the others. However, because of the center opening doors, you won’t need to move the screen as frequently, and it is extremely sturdy, making it less likely to be moved or knocked over by pets and children.

2. Simple Stuff Cicero Single Panel Steel Fireplace Screen (best mesh)


Steel wire mesh 23 gauge

There are nine different sizes to choose from.


There are no finish alternatives.

A fireplace screen made of mesh enables heat to pass through while keeping embers from escaping. The Symple Stuff Cicero Fireplace Screen is an excellent choice for preventing burn marks on your furniture and rugs. It has an 8 x 8 grid per square inch and is made of 23 gauge steel wire mesh. The mesh screen prevents embers caused by moisture or ooze from being released from the wood, lowering the risk of a wood-burning fire causing injury or damage.

3. CB2 Ledge Glass Fireplace Screen (best glass)


Modern design

Made of laminated safety glass


The screen cannot be moved because there are no handles.

Only black steel is available.

A fireplace screen is intended to be used in front of your fireplace. This provides some protection but detracts from the elegance and ambiance of your fireplace. Consider a glass fireplace screen to solve this problem or to give your fireplace a more modern appearance. The CB2 Ledge Glass Fireplace Screen lets you see the flames without being blocked by embers or sparks. For safety, it is made of tempered glass and has a solid metal frame and legs with a black iron finish. This fire screen is as simple as it is durable, and it is an excellent way to display your fireplace while being less concerned. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the glass may become hot from the fire, so do not let your kids be near the fireplace screen.

4. Industrial Fireplace in Brass by Pottery Barn 44 “Doors on the Screen (best with doors)


Center-opening for quick-fire access

The latch securely closes the door.


The only one available is a brash finish

A fireplace screen with doors is a practical option because it allows easy access to tend the fire or clean up ashes. Rather than moving the screen, you could enter the firebox through one or both doors. The Pottery Barn Industrial Fireplace Screen with Doors is one of the most practical options because it secures the doors with a latch. Other fireplace screens with doors rely on magnets to keep the doors closed, but research has shown that magnets can fail after frequent exposure to high temperatures. If using the fireplace, please remember that the metal could become hot from the fire, so proceed with caution when reaching for the grip or screen.

5. 3 Panel Simple Steel Mesh Fireplace Screen by Best Choice Products (best budget)


There are 4 distinct finishes available.

Panels that fold



Paint finishes that are inconsistent

Fireplace screens vary greatly in price and style, but a basic option, such as this 3 Panel Simple Steel Mesh Fireplace Screen by Best Choice Products, may provide the features you need at a low cost. This powder-coated metal fireplace screen is made of three panels and has spot-welded hinges for added stability. It is available in four different touches to complement your decor: gold, bronze, gold, pewter, and black. Please keep in mind that the metal tone decorations are labeled as ‘rustic’ or ‘vintage,’ and there is some inaccuracy in these finishes.

6. Pleasant Hearth Preston 3 Panel Fireplace Screen (excellent folding fireplace screen)


Simple to assemble and store



There are no options for color 

A folding fire screen, such as Pleasant Hearth’s Preston model, is as easy to put together as it is to disassemble. To protect the room from sparks and embers, remove the fire screen in front of your gas or wood-burning fireplace. It is made of steel and has three wire mesh panels. This weighs around 14 pounds and is both sturdy and portable. The black iron finish is neutral enough to complement most decor schemes, and the mesh panels enable heat transfer.

7. Curved Fireplace Screen from UniFlame (best bowed)



Fits perfectly against the fireplace.


There are no color options available.

Kids or pets could knock it over.

Because of its ease of installation, a single panel fire screen is widely used, but it doesn’t always give adequate side protection from flying sparks or hot embers. A curved screen provides an additional layer of security. This fireplace screen style is popular among homeowners because it appears to fit well on comparatively tiny hearths. The UniFlame Curved Fireplace Screen is a good choice because of its low price and simple style.

8. The CB2 Amos Fireplace Screen (best splurge)


Frame made of sturdy brass or stainless steel

Various panel configurations are available.



This high-end option from CB2 will look great next to your fireplace. The Amos Fireplace Screen is a four-panel foldable screen with adjustable hinges in between each panel that allows you to customize your fireplace screen. Each panel is 12.7 inches thick, giving this screen a total thickness of nearly 51 inches. For your security, the panel is made of tempered glass with high heat resistance.