In today’s competitive market, it is not easy to engage the audience and convert them into regular customers. This is where the role of push notification starts.

Studies also state that flutter push notifications can increase your app retention rate to a higher level. It is a wonderful strategy to grab customers’ attention toward your brand. Some brands are using push notifications but are not succeeding as effectively as they could have. 

Are you one of them? If so, read this article carefully to know what mistakes you are making while sending push notifications to the audience. 

First, let’s have a short understanding of push notifications.

What are Push Notifications?  

Push notifications are the relatively short pop-up messages that a user receives from the apps that they have installed on their smartphone. The word limit for these alerts is around 150-250 characters, which equates to 2-3 lines of text.

These messages provide a rapid communication route for businesses to communicate messages, offers, or other information to their customers. Subscribers can receive these messages from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet or have installed the particular app on their devices.

8 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Sending Push Notifications 

  1. Poor Targeting 

Poor targeting of people is a typical error when delivering push notifications. Always double-check that you’re targeting the right people. If you don’t, there may be several unfavourable outcomes, such as the user not opening your message, being irritated, or the message being misunderstood. 

Solution: To prevent these issues, make an effort to categorise your audience and send alerts that are relevant to each category. This will guarantee that your messages are well-received and will enhance your app’s overall experience for users.

  1. Wrong Timing

One of the most common preventable mistakes individuals make while delivering push notifications is timing them incorrectly. If you send a push notification at a time when individuals are likely to be busy or occupied, it will be disregarded. When it comes to Push notifications, timing is everything, so make sure you get it right.

Solution: It is essential to determine when your target audience would be most responsive to your message and to deliver your notice appropriately. People are more inclined to pay attention to messages when they are comfortable and have some spare time.

  1. Non-personalized message 

Another typical mistake in sending push notifications is ignoring to customize them. Always customize your message to your intended target. Everything from the messaging to the recommendations, as well as the offer and timing, must be excellent.

Solution: Make sure you segment your audience and offer them relevant messages. Start a chat with the user’s name and write stuff that demonstrates your concern for them. People are more inclined to connect with notifications that are tailored to them.

  1. Too Many Messages Instantly 

Push notifications may be a fascinating way to get a user’s attention, but if you send too many or too frequently, you risk annoying them and driving them away from your website. If you send too many messages, the user might become frustrated and may begin to ignore your notifications.

Solution: Limit yourself to 2-3  texts each day, not more than that. Sending push notifications too frequently might potentially irritate your users. Try to separate your communications at least a few hours apart, preferably more.

  1. Ignoring Data

Knowing what your user prefers and disfavors is important. Irrelevant alerts can be frustrating and may cause consumers to unsubscribe from your push notifications entirely. Keep in mind that you perform studies and testing to better understand your customers.

Solution: Allow your consumers to register and receive push alerts so you may utilize that information to make your message more appealing. Don’t throw away the data you’ve obtained; instead, use it to your advantage.   

  1. Using Push Notifications As Email Replacement 

One of the most common mistakes is when people use push notifications as a replacement for emails. Push Notifications are an attractive way to communicate with your users but they should only be sent when the users are active on your app. So you should not use them as a replacement for Email as they are more personal and a powerful way to communicate.

Solution: Send push alerts only if the user is using your app. You are losing time and energy if they are not utilizing your app. Push notifications are indeed excellent for swiftly communicating your message, but you shouldn’t use them to replace emails. 

  1. Failing to Test and Optimize

Another common error is not optimizing and testing push notifications before delivering them to the audience. If your push alerts are overly loud and difficult to read, they may turn off your audience. It may potentially cause your app to degrade.

Solution: The worth of your push notification is also important. Test out several approaches until you discover the one that best serves your target audience. Your notification messages should be tailored to make your customer revisit your website. 

  1. Not tracking push notification engagement

A subscriber mustn’t disable your push notifications. However, you can use engagement data to analyze your consumer behaviour. If you don’t analyze push notification responses, it might be a costly error. You will not only be unable to determine whether notifications are successful also you might lose subscribers.

Solution: Keep track of which messages are opened and read, and employ that information to enhance your future notifications.


So here you have – 8 avoidable mistakes while sending flutter push notifications to the user’s device. We hope our guide might assist you in making your app engaging and successful.
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