Golf is finally back and, as the restrictions are taking a tentative step towards easing, it’s hoped that we’ll be able to start planning golf trips abroad very soon like you can spend your golf holidays in the USA. But before you start researching the best courses to play, picking a resort, and booking cheap flights, you need to think carefully about what items you’ll pack and how you’ll transport them.

Let’s take a look at some of the key things you should take with you. And if there is anything you need to stock up on before your trip, now would be the ideal time to start shopping around for it.

Golf travel packing checklist:

  1. Golf clubs – most serious golfers (or players travelling for important games or competitions), prefer to use their own golf clubs, as opposed to hiring them out at their chosen destination.
  • Golf bag – if you’re planning to take your golf clubs, then you’re going to need your golf bag to transport them and the rest of your golf gear safely. Ideally, you want a lightweight carry bag. This will be far easier to lug around the airport and will also save on overweight luggage fees.
  • Balls and tees – when packing for a golf trip, you want to make sure that you pack enough golf balls to last the entire trip. After all, at high-end courses, it’s often frowned upon to spend several minutes searching for a lost ball, so you might as well come prepared. And don’t forget your tees!
  • Golf clothing – most golf courses have a dress code so it’s a good idea to check this out before you start packing. Another thing to bear in mind is the weather. If you’ll be travelling somewhere hot, a moisture-wicking polo shirt is favourable and will keep you cool out on the links, whereas a golf sweatshirt will come in handy for colder days on the course.
  • Golf shoes – assuming that you don’t keep them in your golf bag, and you won’t be travelling in them, golf shoes are perhaps one of the easiest things to forget to pack. But a comfy pair is a must-have for any round of golf – be it here in the UK or overseas!
  • Golf cap – the last thing you want to spoil your golf vacation is sunstroke! Make sure you pack at least one golf cap (preferably a wide-brimmed one) to protect yourself against the sun’s rays. A decent hat and pair of sunglasses will also keep the sun off your face and allow you to focus on your game.
  • Sun cream – if you’re travelling to a hot country, sun cream is essential and will stop you from burning when playing a round of golf in scorching temperatures. Just make sure you choose a suitable SPF for your skin type and pack a big enough bottle to last the duration of your trip!
  • Extra golf towels – a golf towel is a staple in any golfer’s bag. Not just great for absorbing moisture and drying golf balls, clubs and sweaty hands and faces, accessories like these can be used to provide extra cushioning for your golf equipment whilst in transit – eliminating the risk of damage.

Is there something on the list that you’re missing?

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