Though email marketing seems outdated and traditional marketing strategy in today’s digitalised era, there are some impeccable advantages it offers to the brand if you launch an innovative and highly effective email marketing campaign. Even digital marketing experts believe that email marketing is one of the best marketing tools in the modern times as 90% of the users check their email accounts at least once in a day. 

Email marketing is not just about writing an email and send it to bulk email IDs. It is much more than that. If your emails are going in the spam folder or your email receivers are not opening your email IDs and deleting unread emails, it means that there is an issue with your email marketing campaign. Most of the times, your emails fail to grab the audience’s attention or your subject lines are not relevant and reaching out to them. In any case, you need to redefine your email marketing campaign. 

In today’s post, we will discuss some of the email marketing tips that can help experts to launch a powerful and highly effective email marketing campaign for their brands. 

  1. Build your subscriber list 

No list is perfect and this is the mantra that you need to remember. Even if you have a long list of your clients and prospects for email marketing, keep adding more emails to your subscriber list and never stop it. Ensure that you have a subscription form on various pages of your website such as home page, blog page, contact us form and others. You can also build your subscribers by launching some traditional methods such as industrial conferences, events and other business development activities. You can ask prospects to simply provide their email IDs so that they can receive updates and information about your offerings. 

2. Encourage readers to reply to your mails 

There is no meaning of sending direct mails to the clients and prospects as it is one way street. Always open a room for conversation by encouraging your readers to reply to the mail. No users are interested in just information or updates about your company. Come up with catchy subject lines that stand out among all emails to lure your prospects. The language of the email should be in a manner that it is from a real person and not some automated generated emails. Another important thing that you can do is to segment your subscriber list demographically. It will help you to reach out to only those readers who are seriously interested in the items or offers you are sending them in the email. It helps to create more meaningful engagements which might turn into leads and sales. 

3. Make it personal 

People are emotional and they love when you make things personal and gratifying for them. For example, If you are sending an email to John, use his name in the greeting line and it will catch John’s attention immediately. In the email body also, make it personal and engaging in a manner that readers feel like the massage is personally written for them only and not generated from some marketing machines. Also, segmenting your emails as per the demographic or industrial parameters to make it more effective and personal. 

4. Try to keep your emails out if spam folders

There are different spam filters that scrutinize each email the account is receiving. These filters decide whether the email is coming from a genuine user or is a promotional stuff. Sometimes, your email can pass from the first spam filter, but gets trapped in the second filter. To avoid this, ensure that the subject line is catchy and personal. Also, avoid using all the caps and hyperbolic phrases that might put your email in the spam folder. There are blogs available on the internet about how spam filters work. Go through them and follow guidelines mentioned there. 

5. Make emails crispier and cleaner 

When a subject line has done its job and the reader has opened the email, it’s important that the reader reads the email till the bottom. For that, you need to ensure that the email is crisp and clean and directly discusses the focal points rather than irritating language and out of the topic discussions. Use short paragraphs and make sure that there are no grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes in the content of the body. 

Furthermore, use bullet points if you are discussing multiple topics and points. It will make users read all of them. Illustrations and images must be relevant and describe the message only. 

6. Call to action is very important 

You want users to check the link of the specific page or a website. This is what you want them to click on and there must be enough motivation for them to do the same. Your readers open the mail and read it thoroughly, but if they don’t click on the link, the whole exercise does not serve the purpose. Come up with innovative and visually striking buttons for the call to action thing. Make the call to action message more personal and engaging to grab their attention. 

7. Emails should be mobile friendly 

As per the research conducted, 66% of users use their smart phones to open the emails and this is not a small number. Your email should be mobile friendly and should be optimized accordingly or you are missing out a large chunk of clicks. 

8. Make it easy to unsubscribe 

You might find this tip out of the context, but it plays a huge role when you want to create a marketing campaign. There are incidents that when users don’t find unsubscribe buttons on the email, they simply flag the email as spam. It will demean your brand and you obviously don’t want that to happen, do you? If any user want to opt out from receiving your emails, make sure that he can do it easily, without any hesitation. Your user might be leaving you, but not with the bad reputation.

Follow these abovementioned tips the next time you are making your email marketing campaign and you will surely see the response rate higher and promising.