Even if your brand is already established and well-known by many, there’s still a need for more exposure. One strategic way of elevating your brand identity is to use creative products for campaigns and promotions. Read this article if your company or marketing department is launching an event soon or looking for new ways to promote brand awareness and you’ll have access to more ideas of what products to use as effective brand identifiers.

A promotional item, souvenir, or giveaway holds a promise for your brand to be spread out widely to many people. When you use an item that entails a solid visual identity, you can succeed in maximizing the purpose and potential of this marketing strategy. Your investments and planning will be worth it as these products can successfully represent you, communicate your brand, and appeal to your target customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose promotional products very well.

To give you a strong headstart on your brand campaign, here are some creative products to consider for elevating your brand identity more:

  1. Customized Products 

It’s believed that you can accomplish a lot with customization. The more personalized a product is, the more it may appeal to consumers. This holds true not only for products but even services. Now, if you incorporate customization into your promotion, this will attract the attention of more people. Your prospects might expand more as your brand will be exposed more to those that weren’t your prospects before. 

Prepare your promotional products by having custom prints on them. Don’t be scared to use bold prints and custom embroidery. You can check out online sites offering these services like this site: https://www.shopstrange.net/portland-embroidery-screen-printing/.

Use custom printing to allow your consumers to stand out while carrying your personal brand. Here are some items that you can utilize for your custom marketing strategy. 

  • Embroidered garments

Why t-shirts continue to be in such high demand is probably because people continue to crave uniqueness. They want to wear things that express something. It could be a brand they want to support or a style that they want to influence others. An embroidered shirt can make them stand out more from the crowd. 

To use this strategy, use your slogan or incorporate your brand message into a customized garment. People love wearing shirts that evoke minds and thoughts. Use that to leverage your brand positioning.

  • Tote Bags

The popularity of custom tote bags is increasing these days, especially if they’re environmentally friendly. Find the right green and sustainable material to use for your tote promotional bags, custom print your brand, logo, or message on them. This will ensure that your target audience will keep using these bags for sure. 

Bags, after all, are essentially helpful for daily living. They can be used in high-traffic areas too, which means your brand will be exposed to thousands of people every day, like the one carrying the bag goes to the grocery, walks on the street, or go wherever they need to go. 

  • Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are suitable for any gender and any age, which is why it’s a great promotional item for your brand too. As these bags are bigger in size, it comes with many uses, so men or practical people would most likely use them more. Include this item so you won’t miss out on any exposure opportunity.

  • Printed Caps And Hats
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An ideal way to promote your brand is with customized headwear. This might just be one of the most common promotional items that you can find, but it’s famous for the reason that it’s super effective. 

Get your brand or logo printed into caps or hats, and let people sport them out into their journey, travels, work, and basically, anywhere they go. It’s said that many love wearing caps even when they stay indoors, so imagine how much exposure can help your brand. This allows them to be seen by different audiences, at other times, in different places. 

  • Custom Face Masks

Due to the current public health situation right now, this custom item might have just topped the trending list for promotional items. Companies have taken advantage of these mouth coverings, which directly expose their brand logo. In addition, many people would love to receive them because they simply need face masks now more than ever. 

As masks don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon, they make good promotional products and consumers find these valuable and essential items. So, take advantage of its efficacy in these trying times. Make your mask stand out from other competitors by using custom design, excellent quality, and durable materials.

  1. USB Drives 

Contrary to popular belief, USB (universal serial bus) drives aren’t a thing of the past. This tiny gadget is still helpful for many office workers and students. Depending on your business and target audience, a USB promotional item will give value to your customers while carrying your brand and company image with it. 

Even if USB technology competes against cloud drives and software, generation X and even millennials still highly depend on these tools for easy data transfer. Even if these tech tools aren’t as new as other gadgets, they’re instrumental and have a mass appeal to the masses. Hence, when planning out valuable promotional items, including this one on the list.

  1. Office Essentials 

Since it’s said that employees are now working from home more than the office, it’s understandable that they need to have more office tools and stationeries in their home offices. They probably have home office upgrades to increase productivity rates. They’d appreciate you giving your branded pens, notebooks, and other stationery items. This will save them costs and trips to the local office supplies store. 

It’s a win-win for you, as you can also use them as an advertising item as well. Your target audience can share it with their colleagues, families, or friends who are also working from home these days. Choose office essentials that are useful and provide value to your consumers.

  1. Travel Collection Products 

Having a work-life balance is a significant concern today, so people take advantage of travel opportunities as much as possible. Although travels could be limited compared to before, you must not let the promotional opportunities pass. Prepare luggage tags, passport sleeves, or backpacks that contain your brand and logo. You never know what city your consumer is visiting, so these items will get many views en route to their planned trip destination. 

  1. Reusable Water Bottles 
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A company that prioritizes the environment will always appeal to customers more. One way to show your company cares for the planet is by giving out reusable water bottles as a promotional gift. Not only will they thank you for them, but they will look up to you as a role model with this sustainability initiative. 

You can either go for durable glass water bottles or reusable plastic ones that can last a long time. It’s possible to customize the bottles with logos and designs of any type and inserts that can be customized so that the bottle can be changed according to the user’s preference. 

  1. Pen That Serves As A Stylus Pen Too

Whatever marketing event you’re planning, a pen will always be considered a promotional item. However, this time stay away from the conventional ones and hand out a pen with another feature. 

People use gadgets a lot these days, so their need for a stylus pen is growing too. Instead of handing out a regular pen, it’s best to have a dual function one. Users can write on paper and use it to navigate and press on their tablets or other gadgets. To avoid smudging their phone screens, offer a stylus pen, and they’ll love you for it. 

  1. Branded Umbrellas 

Umbrella also makes a good and valuable brand identity product. It’s believed that they’re effective in exposing your company details if they’re embossed or printed on the umbrella’s surface. Whatever the weather, people use umbrellas to protect themselves outdoors. These items will have the potential to be exposed in highly crowded areas, too, especially in the streets. So, passers-by will definitely take a good look at it, especially if your design and print are catchy. 

  1. Bluetooth Speakers 

So this product may just be a little over the top of your budget. But for what it’s worth, it can be a great gift to your loyal customers instead. Although some might argue that they no longer need to be exposed to your brand as they’re already returning patrons, another logic for it is that these customers will encounter other people who can be your potential customers too.

Bluetooth speakers cost a bit more, so your customers will feel more valued and special. This will give them a sense of being treated like a VIP. Choose durable and high-quality Bluetooth speakers and have them engraved with your brand, logo, or message. Whether your customers will display them on their office desk or use them at home, you’ve already established your brand identity goal: by ensuring that they’ll continue to patronize your company and business. 


All businesses, industries, and customers are unique. While some promotional items could work for one company, they may not work for you mainly. So, ensure that such item is effective in endorsing your brand before you decide on producing them in bulk. With the suggestions of products that’ll increase your brand identity listed above, you’ll have some ideas to share with your team at your next marketing campaign meeting.  


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