The USB camera app is a popular choice to handle the security of your home, offices, and area. You can connect the USB camera app with your webcam and also check the live recording of any program and ceremony.

For this reason, there are some specific applications from which you can control your mobile.

Using this app, you can connect a USB camera or webcam from Android or iOS (paid version). This application provides the control of external devices, and you can monitor and capture the present moment whenever you want. The USB cameras can be connected to Android systems worldwide and controlled.

  1. USB Camera

BY using the USB camera, you can extract the simple audio as an output. You can use a USB camera for the live coverage of the broadcast. Your IP camera server will let you access it.


  • It offers the option of loop recording. You can use the new recording and the auto-delete of the previous video. Auto-deletion can be set up when the storage is complete in the USB camera.
  • It adds speed, time, GPS, and other features to the screen, and you can record the live video anytime you want.
  • This is an incredible feature. You can switch foreground and background whenever you want.

For Android, a USB camera/webcam can be connected to any device, such as an endoscope camera, a webcam test, or a USB camera. You’ve opened the app on your phone, read through the intro, and been granted permissions.Click on the check button to check USB OTG without using other apps.

If your phone doesn’t support OTG, you can use an adapter from USB to micro USB OTG or a type-C port; you can use Easy Cap. By connecting the USB camera to the app webcam, you can now see the live image of the webcam. Accept permission from the external camera by clicking open.


  • There is the option of choosing the resolution or contrast and taking pictures or recording videos.
  • The USB camera gallery makes it very easy to view photos and videos. Just open it, browse, delete or share
  • Using just a webcam as a security camera, you can guard your home with it. 
  • With a mini camera on your clothes, you can record in the background or on your home screen.

A USB device provides access to digital video recorders, webcams, network recorders, and IP cameras. Users of Google Play rate IP camera viewers well. The software is flawless and upgraded to the Pro level. 


  • The program supports more than 1000 devices. The program also provides PTZ and relay control. 
  • It’s possible to perform multiple tasks, including mass actions, auto-sequencing, and camera grouping. 
  • Dropbox, email, and SD cards can be used to import and export data. Password protection, SSL/HTTPS, and cloudless privacy are provided.
  • You can scan camera capabilities to get automatic selection.

This USB camera provides a fantastic feature and is written on the main menu that is available for everyone.With IP Webcam, your phone becomes a network camera that can be viewed in multiple ways.

Any VLC player or web browser can be used to view your camera. In addition, the video can be viewed without internet access inside a WiFi network.


  • Filoader plugin lets you upload videos to Dropbox, SFTP, and Email

Sound-triggered motion detection with Tasker integration.

  • Online video broadcasting with cloud push notifications on movement and sound.
  • This comprehensive baby monitor includes night vision, motion detection, and sound detection.
  • Video overlay showing date,time, and battery level.
  • Online web graphing of sensor data.
  • Videochat support.

Using a feature-rich USB camera application lets you access webcams and USB cameras via your mobile phone. Use a webcam on your smartphone to take photos and videos. If you want to connect a webcam, you can use a USB port or an OTG cable.


  • This app, however, does not work on all devices, so there may be connection problems. If you plan to use an external camera, you will check that it’s compatible.
  • It offers all options for viewing images and videos taken with an external camera. 
  • you can open, view, and delete files directly from the app. 
  1. IVCam Webcam

Mobile and Windows users can use IVCam to transform their smartphones/tablets into HD webcams. The new webcam also has better quality than your old USB or integrated webcam. Does your device not have enough space? Then, IVCam records directly to your PC, just like a remote recorder!


  • The streaming video that is high-quality, real-time, and fast
  • Easy to connect via WiFi or USB and automatic
  • Background running does not interfere with other apps
  • One PC can connect to multiple devices at once
  1.  USB Camera standard

The USB Camera Standard application allows users to view all activities of a USB camera on a cell phone or tablet. In addition, the Android internal microphone can be used to record videos and sounds.


  • A complete set of controls is available for the camera, such as contrast brightness, gamma, sharpness, saturation, white balance, hue, gain, gamma, and anti-flicker.
  • It captures images, displays them with delay, and provides vertical and horizontal mirroring. Two USB cameras can be connected simultaneously. 
  • The two cameras will be shown simultaneously when you switch between them.
  •  It is compatible with all smartphones and cameras. The video quality is excellent.

Last But Not Least

I hope this article will help you understand the different features of the USB camera. Then, you can choose any USB camera after checking your priorities.

Still, if you have any questions regarding the USB camera, you can inquire from us in the comment section.