Basketball is a popular game in the United States and throughout the world, and is popular with a wide age range. It’s a game that is a source of extraordinary physical fitness, teamwork and agility among players. In honor of these greats an expert panel of experts, coaches and observers are gathered to commemorate their 75th Anniversary of Team NBA The list which includes the players that were part of the experience. This article details every single player to make it on the list as well as some interesting facts that accompany it.

More About NBA

On a wider scale it is it is the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most prestigious league in sports and has a long record of exceptional athletes. It was established in 1946, with the primary objective of creating awareness of Basketball and creating a world-class sports league. Through the years it has earned a reputation as the top event of the year which has made it one of the biggest tournaments around the globe. The team’s list of NBA Anniversary evidence of the extensive legacy, and also an affirmation that they’re not leaving.

Here’s the complete 75th anniversary NBA Team NBA List

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Ray Allen
  3. Nate Archibald
  4. Paul Arizin
  5. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  6. Carmelo Anthony
  7. Charles Barkley
  8. Rick Barry
  9. Larry Bird
  10. Kobe Bryant
  11. Elgin Baylor
  12. Dave Bing
  13. Wilt Chamberlain
  14. Bob Cousy
  15. Stephen Curry
  16. Anthony Davis
  17. Dave Cowens
  18. Billy Cunningham
  19. Dave DeBusschere
  20. Kevin Durante
  21. Julius Erving
  22. Clyde Drexler
  23. Tim Duncan
  24. Patrick Ewing
  25. Walt Frazier
  26. Hal Greer
  27. James Harden
  28. John Havlicek
  29. Kevin Garnett
  30. George Gervin
  31. Elvin Hayes
  32. Allen Iverson
  33. Michael Jordan
  34. Jason Kidd
  35. Kawhi Leonard
  36. Damian Lillard
  37. LeBron James
  38. Magic Johnson and below more names appear on the 75th anniversary team NBA List
  39. Sam Jones
  40. Jerry Lucas
  41. Karl Malone
  42. Bob McAdoo
  43. Kevin McHale
  44. Moses Malone
  45. Pete Maravich
  46. George Mikan
  47. Reggie Miller
  48. Dirk Nowitzki
  49. Shaquille O’Neal
  50. Earl Monroe
  51. Steve Nash
  52. Hakeem Olajuwon
  53. Robert Parish
  54. Bob Pettit
  55. Paul Pierce
  56. Chris Paul
  57. Gary Payton
  58. Scottie Pippen
  59. Willis Reed
  60. Dennis Rodman
  61. Bill Russell
  62. Oscar Robertson
  63. David Robinson
  64. Dolph Schayes
  65. Bill Sharman
  66. Nate Thurmond
  67. Wes Unseld
  68. John Stockton
  69. Isiah Thomas
  70. Dwyane Wade
  71. Bill Walton
  72. Lenny Wilkens
  73. Dominique Wilkins
  74. Jerry West
  75. Russell Westbrook
  76. James Worthy

What is the reason why that the 75th Anniversary team of the NBA list comprise more than 76 participants?

The most striking aspect of the list everyone has noticed is having an additional participant. The tie occurred while the voting was in progress the other day, and they sorted it out by adding an additional name to the list.


The 76 players have transformed the lives of youngsters who have grown in awe of their teams. This is a time to reflect on the game, which itself has created an array of different perspectives in the world of sports that is unmatched. I hope that it will be the case that 75th anniversary team on the NBA List will further inspire the new generation of basketball players and ensures that the NBA is continuing to be a dominant force.

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