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Andrew Irvine.

One missing person case that kept disturbing everyone for days is Andrew Irvini case who was a British mountaineer and climbed Mount Everest in 1924 with the fellow George Mallory, Btit but they never came back down again. His fellow Mellory’s body was found 70 years later but Irvin’s body was never discovered. He is the most heart-wrenching person on Wikipedia.

Maura Murray.

Maura Murray’s disappearance was very much a question after watching a multi oxygen part oxygen series about a couple of years ago. The question was that how can a person get disappeared after a car crash without leaving barely any clues behind? Some think she was murdered or maybe she ran off to somewhere. She was only a 21 year old nursing student who met with a car accident in upstate New Hampshire. Another strange thing was that before the accident occurred she had said to her professors that she will be taking a week off due to a death in the family. Later her family said that there was no such thing before.

Brian Shaffer.

Brain Shaffer was seen entering a bar but there was no security footage of him leaving that night. Like how can this even happen? He was a medical student in Ohio and he was last seen going up on an escalator to a popular campus bar but the CCTV footage never showed him going down.

Amy Lynn Bradley.

Amy Lynn Bradley went missing from her cruise ship in the 90s, there were multiple sites of her years afterward in different countries but nobody helped her. In 1999 a Navy man visited a brothel overseas and there a woman approached him begging for help and telling that her name was Amy and she was being held as a hostage, but he did not do anything out of fear and his fear was that he did not want to be discovered by anyone at that time.

Heather Elvis.

He was a cosmetology student who mysteriously vanished after arriving home from a date. It is strange that no one ever talks about her disappearance. In 2013 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a couple who was charged with kidnapping her and her poor family did not get closure.

Emma Fillipoff.

Emma Fillioff disappeared outside her Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, after talking to the police. Her Wiki page really gives chills and if one goes through the documentaries of her disappearance on YouTube or listen to any podcast, one will definitely feel bad about her family as they are still actively looking for her.

The McStay Family.

This story is really freak out because the very first question which comes is how can someone vanish without leaving any trace? Later the mystery was solved and the family got closure when Joseph, his wife, Summer and their sons, Gianni and Joseph Jr disappeared from their home in February 2010 from Southern California. All their bodies were found in November 2013 100 miles North in Victorville, California.