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Moving out is a big decision for people, whatever might be the reason. Whether it is a change of place in the same city or moving to a completely new one for work and even other purposes, moving can be tedious. Moving day is stressful enough even without the mishaps of a moving company. 

A good moving company Seattle will ensure that your whole moving experience goes smoothly and without any unnecessary hassle. The most common complaints received by customers against a moving company are usually when products are damaged or lost. Other issues like extra charging for unworked hours movers not being on time were also faced by customers. Then how do we decide which moving company to choose from? We have listed down some factors you should consider while picking the right moving company for you.

  1. Start early
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Let’s face it, moving out is stressful enough to leave it for the last moment. Start your research early to have plenty of time to do a detailed background check and compare companies and their estimates. It is recommended to start a few weeks early because there are a lot of moving companies offering their services, and it can get pretty tricky for you to narrow it down. To make things a little easier, you can find several websites where you get the list of the best moving companies and their estimates all in one place. For example, if you are in Seattle and you need a moving company, you can look for moving companies in Seattle online. 

  1. Get referrals and read reviews- a lot of them.

In the case of picking a good moving company, word of mouth or reviews is probably the best way to go around the process. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations and read reviews from trusted sites like Yelp, Google, or Better Business Bureau. Reviews are an excellent way to provide a reliable and unbiased opinion of the company’s service. You can also take a look at Adam Moving options.

  1. Get estimates
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Once you have compiled the list of companies you like to consider, the next step would be getting estimates from them. As a golden rule followed by most of us, you should not hire them if there is no on-site estimate. A common mistake by most people is to settle for the first estimate they receive. It is advised to get at least three in-person estimates before committing to any services. Keeping a few other options in hand ensures you have enough options when making your final choice.   

  1. Make sure the movers are licensed and insured.

The U.S. DOT number to licensed interstate movers. If you are shifting to another state, you have to confirm the moving company’s license. It is recommended to ask for the company’s U.S. DOT number, which will come to use if you have to file a claim against it for future purposes. 

  1. Make sure they do a thorough walk-through.
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During the initial talk, the moving company usually gives you an estimated cost for the moving process. A moving company that attempts a quick walk-through often shows that your mover lacks responsibility for taking care of your property. A good moving company will conduct detailed research and take notes of your properties. They would ask the right questions like what items are you giving to the movers or the layout of your new house. They will also ask you about fragile items or separate instructions for specific items. They will inquire about the placements of items in your new home. In short, they will keep track of every detail necessary for moving your items out. Once they are finished with the walk-through, you will receive some quotes from the company. Mainly moving companies stick to three forms- 

  • Non-Binding Estimate where the company cannot charge you more than 10% above the original Estimate. 
  • Non-Binding Not To Exceed Estimate ensures that the customer is not paying extra charges over the original Estimate.
  • Binding Estimate makes sure that the customers have to pay a guaranteed price for the move and all extras and services. If they include things like packing materials that are not included in the original quote, the customer will have to pay those additional charges. 
  1. Don’t end up paying a considerable deposit.

This is a widespread method for moving companies to trick you into investing a lot of unnecessary expenses before moving out. It is often advised to avoid paying a huge deposit before the process since it will be tough to ask for your money back if any mishaps happen. Reputed companies do not ask for massive deposits before moving your things. You should avoid companies who ask for any. You should only hand over the payment after all your items safely make it to your new house. In the end, if you want to pay any deposit or other charges, you should always prefer using a credit card to get that extra layer of security against any fraudulent activities. 

  1. Watch out for red flags.
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Now that we have discussed all the aspects of choosing a suitable moving company, customers need to watch out for red flags. For example, a reputed moving company won’t ask for a cash deposit before moving into your new house. Potential customers should always observe the level of professionalism the movers display to decide if they are trustworthy enough to hand over all of your important stuff. 


I have never heard anybody describe their moving experience as fun. Moving can be pretty exhausting and confusing for anybody. However, you can avoid a complete breakdown while moving with some pre-planning and research. Being well prepared for the moving day can successfully help your transition relatively smoothly from one place to another. Do some homework and know more about the company you plan to deal with when moving out. Being aware would help you settle into your new home swiftly and save you unnecessary extra expenses.