With converting seasons every day, we have to keep our Air conditioners safe and tight. During the summer, your air conditioner will be put to many usages, so it’s critical to keep it in good working order.

If you are a household, it is vital to understand your air conditioning system to detect issues before they occur. We do not want our air conditioner to break down when needed. If you are finding someone for Ac maintenance, then Ac Maintenance Service Fairfax Virginia will be the one where the search ends.

Maintenance of Air Conditioning Filters

The easiest activity you can do as a homeowner is to modify the filter on your air conditioning machine. Filter maintenance is as simple as replacing the old filter and installing a new one since most filters are disposable.

At the absolute least, you should modify your filters every three months (90 days). If you utilize air filters that are thinner and non-pleated, for example, fiberglass or plastic, you should replace them every month (30 days). If you have animals, sensitivities, or live in a dusty location, you may want to examine and replace your filters more often.

Shut down your HVAC system before changing your filter. Then, on your air handler, open the sensor access panel. Next, gently detach the filter from the device. When removing the filter, be cautious not to allow any dust or particles to fall off. Ac Repair Company In Fairfax VA helps you repair your AC and maintain the Air conditioner.

Remember that since the purifier has a front and rear, it can only be used in one direction. On certain air filters, arrows show the direction of airflow. The arrow should indicate the airflow route, which should be toward the fan.

Checklist For Air Conditioning System Maintenance

The following is a list of routine maintenance that should be performed on your air conditioning system at a minimum once a year. The air filter is the sole exception, which must be replaced every three months or as needed.

● Substitute the air filter first.

Every 1-2 months, filter cartridges should be updated.

● Clean the condenser and evaporator coils.

Your air conditioner’s efficiency is reduced when the coils are dirty.

● The drain line and drain pan should be cleaned and inspected.

A blocked drain line or drain pan is a disaster waiting to happen.

● Make sure the blower and condenser fans are lubricated.

Fans ought to rotate freely and will require some lubrication to do so.

● Inspect the electrical system’s wiring and operations.

Loose connections may cause equipment failure or flames.

● Verify that the thermostat is working properly.

The thermostat should appropriately control the AC unit.

● Clean and inspect the air registers and ductwork 

Dusty air registers reduce airflow.

Keep an eye out for any loose components or screws when you’re inspecting your air conditioning system. Check your air conditioner’s panels and casing for any damage. A loose or broken panel might cause high humidity or air leakage. Make sure your equipment is installed on a stable and secure surface.

Make sure your cooling system is clear of obstructions. Remove any weeds or grass in the path of your outside unit or condenser. Keep any obstacles, such as boxes or other items stored in your garage/basement, away from your air handler or indoor unit.

If you ever encounter AC problems that are beyond your capacity to resolve and would need the expertise of professionals, you can always call on ac repair Denver for maintenance and repairs.