The internet is a vast and incredible resource. It can educate, entertain and enlighten us like no other medium before it ever did. That being said, the temptation to use the internet as a babysitter or parenting tool must be resisted at all costs for children of any age. 

There may be negative sides to it, so it’s important that parents are present to supervise children when they are on the internet. In that case, the benefits of the internet outweighs the disadvantages. That means those hours you spent researching unlimited internet plans for your family aren’t put to waste.

Here are 7 reasons why the internet is actually good for kids:

  1. With the internet, children can keep in touch with friends and relatives through social media or platforms like messaging apps or video calling options—all of which are available over high-speed connections.
  2. The internet rouses their creativity. With the internet, kids can express themselves through blogs or social media posts. They can follow their favourite artists on social media and perhaps learn from them through the things they post.
  3. For children, the internet is a great way to learn new things without even realising they’re being educated. Kids have access to all sorts of resources on the web, from educational videos for school projects to trivia games about different topics. 
  4. The internet is a treasure trove of entertainment, whether it’s music videos or funny gifs that will make them laugh their heads off! The only problem with this is that too much of anything might not be good, so parents should still keep an eye out.
  5. The internet makes it easier to expand their horizons, especially for kids who are homeschooled. They can now easily learn about other cultures and traditions with the click of a button.
  6. The web has become a great tool to relieve stress and anxiety, especially after school when kids are done with their homework or in cases of emergency like natural disasters. Kids will always feel better knowing that there’s something they can use to take their minds off stressful situations even if it’s just for a few minutes (or hours).
  7. Teaching kids how to be responsible online citizens should start at an early age. You want them to grow up safely using the internet instead of fearing it because it seems too complicated or overwhelming. Knowing what your kid does on social media means you’ll have less worries about them being cyberbullied by peers who aren’t nice!

Parents shouldn’t worry so much about letting their kids explore the internet because it’s not all bad, especially when they know what dangers to look out for and how to supervise them while keeping an open mind.

The internet offers a wide variety of interactive experiences, which can help children learn about the world. It’s not perfect, but as mentioned early in this article, the benefits outweigh any downsides for young people today (with proper usage). 
Is your child using the internet? If so, what are they doing online? Has it helped them in school or with learning new skills? Does your family have an internet safety plan to protect them from cyberbullying and other dangers online? Let us know! We are happy to offer suggestions that will make sure you’re giving your kids all the tools they need to live safely on the web.