PPE (personal protective equipment) includes a variety of safety products that can help workers to remain protected at the workplace. Usually, it includes safety gloves, safety shoes, helmets, eye goggles, masks, air filters, knee pads, protective and highly visible clothes, etc. Apart from the workplace, people also use PPE at their homes to ‌work safely. These types of equipment are designed separately for the safety of different body parts, according to which they are needed to be worn. Below we’ve described some types of PPE, let’s have a look at them.

Types of personal protective equipment

Here are some types of PPE that can keep you safe at work. We suggest you wear these to avoid risks and workplace hazards.

1. Protection for head

Wearing helmets or any other PPE like hard hats is very important to save the head from anything that’s falling from above or swinging in the air. Workers must wear head protection to ensure their head’s safety while doing work. Nowadays, there are many types of helmets available in the market that can save you as well as keep you comfortable while doing your tasks. So, we recommend you buy the one that can ensure protection and comfort at the same time.

2. Protection for eyes

The eyes are one of the most delicate body parts. It’s important to ensure your eye safety while performing any hazardous tasks. To protect them, workers can use full-covered goggles, and if the nature of the work is too dangerous, they can also get safety eyewear that is specially designed for hazardous tasks to get the best protection for themselves.

3. Protection for ears

If you work at a place where there’s too much noise or high sound levels that can badly affect your hearing ability, it’s mandatory to use protective equipment for your ears. Commonly, people use earplugs or earmuffs for this purpose, but for work, earmuffs are considered to be more comfortable to use as compared to earplugs.

4. Protection for respiratory system

In the workplaces such as manufacturing sites, small particles of hazardous material, poisonous gases, smoke, dust, and other such impurities impose a great threat on the respiratory system. Therefore, it’s important to use air filters or masks to avoid inhaling them. Using these PPEs can save your respiratory system from any damage. Also, due to COVID-19, nowadays, most employers have made it compulsory for employees to wear masks at the workplace. So, wearing masks can help you‌ remain protected from many harmful particles that may be present in the air. To help protect you even further, you can go to an online PPE store to get what you need without having to leave your home.

5. Protection for hands

Hands and fingers are the body parts that are most involved in work. That’s the reason they’re injured the most as well. Several things can harm your hands at work, such as vibrations, sharp objects, heat, chemicals, or bacteria. To protect your hands from these types of things, it’s very important to use the proper gloves according to your work nature and requirements. In this case, leather gloves are one of the best types of gloves and are resistant to almost all types of workplace hazards.

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6. Protection for feet

After hands, feet are the most in-use body part to work. If they get injured, you might not be able to continue your job for long. To protect them, you might require high-quality safety shoes that can prevent your feet from damage. Commonly, safety boots/shoes are made soft from inside and tough from outside to keep your feet safe if anything heavy falls on them. We recommend you to get the best quality safety shoes for you, even if they cost a little higher than average. This will ensure your safety and prevent you from hurting your feet.

7. Protection for the entire body

To protect your entire body from workplace dangers, it’s very important to wear the correct type of clothing for your work. In the market, several types of apparel are available for different types of work. You can select any of them according to your work’s nature. If you work at any place where you can get your body burned while working, you can ask for fire-resistant dressing from the seller.  Also, the clothes should have reflectors in them, so you can easily be seen at night.

These were some types of personal protective equipment that will guarantee your safety at the workplace. When you remain safe, you can do your work efficiently and effectively, which helps you to grow and become successful in your career. Our recommendation is to get the best quality industrial safety products for you and never compromise with your safety. We suggest you get your PPE from any reliable provider such as Elite Leather. They provide the best leather gloves and other PPE that will ensure your safety at work.

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