The types of cranes used in construction are usually temporary structures and can be grounded or mounted on a car. hydraulic cylinder repair shop The operator can control the crane from the inside of the cab when working with the crane, by radio control or by means of a suspended control station with buttons. Cranes for hire Perth is best lifting services for industrial, residential, commercial, government, and semi-government organizations.

1. Telescopic crane

The telescopic crane provides a boom with several pipes connected to each other. Then the hydraulic mechanisms lengthen the cords or shorten the boom. Telescopic crane

2. Mobile cranes

It is the most basic type of crane and consists of a steel lattice or telescopic boom mounted on a mobile platform. This platform can be a bike, a track or even a cat truck. The boom is suspended at the bottom and can be raised or lowered using cables or hydraulic cylinders.

3. Cargo crane

These types of cranes are mounted on a rubber truck and ensure good maneuverability. The booms extend vertically and horizontally and are used to stabilize and level the crane as it increases the material load.

4. Tourist crane

A tower crane is considered a modern form of a balance crane. When placed on the ground, this type of crane will always provide maximum length and load capacity. It is also used in the construction of tall buildings.

5. Rough terrain crane

The crane is mounted on a chassis with four rubber wheels and is designed for use in the field. The booms can be extended vertically and horizontally to stabilize and level the crane when lifting large loads. These types of cranes are mechanical, which means that the same machine is used to control the chassis and the crane. An example of a rough terrain crane

6. Bridge crane

These types of cranes are also called overhead cranes. They are mostly used in one factory and others are able to lift heavy loads. The crane lift is placed on a trolley that moves in one direction on a girder, sometimes on two girders. They move in the corners of the direction along high or highways. Roads are usually installed along the side of the meeting area.

7. Loading crane It is a hydraulically driven crane with an articulated arm attached to a trailer. A loading crane is used to load the equipment on the trailer. The cock can be folded into several parts and will fit in small areas when not in use. The crane is easy to carry thanks to the folding option.

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