Point of Sale systems are necessary for any business looking to grow in the shortest time possible. It helps businesses to automate certain monotonous tasks making service delivery faster and stress-free. Improvement in technology has brought competition among developers, allowing different POS systems to hit the market. Each of these systems promises to be better and more efficient than the competition.

If you look at the customer buying process, how simple your checkout experience is will determine if they will buy or abandon the cart. Businesses need to find ways of simplifying the checkout experience, making it both secure and easy to navigate. This article will focus on the industry’s current best performers, looking at their features, the cost, and how they can help your business become flexible.

Square POS

Square has consistently been ranked the best POS system over the years because of how businesses adapt to its system. It has a forever-free plan that allows businesses to experiment on it and potentially upgrade once they have seen some growth. This type of POS app can be downloaded into Android or iOS and is also designed specifically for iPad. Businesses can now monitor their operations from anywhere, giving you freedom.

Shopify POS

Shopify is best suited for businesses with e-commerce stores that come free with Shopify’s eCommerce plan. It comes with a dedicated app that runs either on mobile or iPad that is intuitive and allows operations both online and offline. Shopify also allows businesses to sell their products on other marketplaces like Facebook right from the system’s dashboard. This system allows you to offer different variations of the same product.

Lightspeed Retail

Most of the systems in this article can suit a small business; however, Lightspeed Retail POS can serve a business with a goal of mass growth. This system can be in two forms; a stationary POS system or on a mobile device. The POS system can be on the iPad or the desktop, each including a cash register and a barcode reader, which are purchased together.

Since it does not include eCommerce functionalities, you can integrate it with other features using third-party apps, which will work seamlessly.

Vend POS

Vend has come far from being the first web-based POS system that is well built to allow for intuitive navigation for users. With over 20,000 installs in 100 countries, Vend comes with the capability to receive payments from credit or debit cards and near field communication with wireless payments. It also comes with an iPad app that can be functional when the business requires a lot of moving around.

This system allows for integration to include functionalities such as eCommerce, which is currently unavailable in the app itself. The best part about this system is the customization abilities which allows a business to build up their system consistent with their branding.

Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks is an all-in-one checkout solution. This means that it comes with all the tools that enable a business to collect payments, control the inventory, and also give coupons to customers. It features reporting capabilities that can be impactful in helping you make business decisions based on the data captured by the system. Intuit QuickBooks integrates businesses with QuickBooks Desktop financial software to help with your business’s financial reporting.

The POS system has syncing capabilities with both a barcode and QuickBooks, allowing you to receive notifications when a sale/order/return occurs.

Clover Flex

This is a mobile type of POS system that allows businesses to be flexible with how they use it. The system comes with a rectangular handheld retail POS device, a barcode reader, and a receipt printer. This allows the business to enjoy online capabilities like contactless payments from virtual wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Unlike with other app-based systems, Clover Flex does not rely on iOS or Android and only relies on itself.

The only downside of Clover Flex would be the price because you have to purchase all the pieces of equipment from the manufacturers.

Revel POS Systems

The revel POS has extensive back-end features that power its reporting tools that help provide important data like your sales, employees, customers, and inventory. The presence of email marketing helps this system communication between the customer and the business. With the price of this system being at $99 per month for the iPad-only POS system, it can easily be customized to suit your business needs.

There are other POS systems in the market, but the list above focused on is common among businesses today. Regardless of what sounds better, a good system should be able to serve your unique needs and be suited for your budget to ensure consistent use and improvement.