Whether you are designing a new home or renovating your preowned one, the staircase is a crucial component that calls for your attention. When choosing staircases design in Melbourne Australia is pivotal for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

The choice becomes more critical and needs more attention if you are living with kids in your house. You certainly do not want to live that scary moment seeing your toddler teeter at the edge of the stairs without adequate safety. You can also look at Stair Crazy for your safe staircase parts.

People often overlook or procrastinate this aspect owing to busy schedules or the amount of work they think it might take. However, making stairs safe for kids is not as daunting as you might assume. Following simple tips can help you achieve your goal with much lesser effort.

  • Install baby gates

It might not be possible to always keep your baby in front of your eyes. Often when you are busy with the household work or taking a corporate call, babies see this as an opportunity to explore the entire house.

While crawling and exploring is harmless, staircases can be your biggest nightmare. An easy way to keep babies away from stairs is to use gates. You can choose a gate from a huge variety that suits your needs and completely blocks the stairs’ access. Make sure that the gate is firmly installed.

  • Get solid anchors for gates

You are likely to pay less attention to your baby’s movements if a stair gate is installed. For that reason, an unstable or poorly installed gate is riskier than having no gate at all. To prevent such unfateful incidences, it is better to avoid accordion gates and use solid anchors to secure the gate.

  • Install banister guard

You can also install banister guards that run across the length of the staircase. These guards are not essentially aesthetic but provide great safety. Banister guards are easy to install and can be done as a DIY project. However, make sure you test them by pushing before letting your kids on the stairs.

  • Regular inspection

Despite installing all the safety accessories, you should regularly inspect the staircase. Some staircases require maintenance and regular inspection will help you know the right time for that. You can also look for sharp or chipped edges, nails, and loose steps and get them fixed quickly to avoid injuries to your kid.

  • Use carpet on stairs

Regardless of the staircase material you choose putting a carpet, especially with children around is the most obvious safety measure. It prevents slippage by providing a better grip on the feet of your little ones. Also, it serves as a cushion for any unfortunate fall and resists uncontrolled rolling.

  • Declutter

All your efforts will go in vain if your stairs are crowded with objects making it difficult and risky for the kids. Children tend to leave their items like books, toys, and others wherever they use them. Such things on or nearby stairs can cause them to stumble and fall off.

  • Do not wait for safety

When it comes to the safety of your children, delays can be expensive. Do not wait too long to babyproof your stairs to avoid unnecessary stress and risk. As soon as you see the first sign of movement in your baby, get on to the job as it won’t take much time to start crawling.