Washing machines have undeniably made the mundane task of cleaning laundry hassle-free and less cumbersome. Though this home appliance helps save significant time and energy, it has its share of drawbacks as well.

The most notable drawback of doing laundry in this apparatus is the risk of damaging clothes during a machine wash. One must note that such a flaw is easily manageable and can be avoided if users become aware of a few tips for washing clothes in the best washing machines.

Tips to prevent clothes from machine damage during laundry

The most fundamental tip and effective way of preventing clothes from damage during a machine wash are by reading the label attached to them. Usually, such labels provide instructions regarding machine wash and whether the apparel is suitable for it or not.

By following these tips, one can easily prevent the clothes from being damaged during a machine wash.

Tip 1 – Sort laundry by fabric

Contrary to popular belief, while using a washer machine, individuals should sort their laundry by the type of fabric and not by colour. Fabric that is rougher and heavier in texture proves damaging for delicate clothe pieces when washed together in the machine.

Furthermore, lighter clothes take less time to dry than heavier ones. So, as one leaves the delicate fabric with the heavier ones for a long time in the machine, the lighter fabrics are bound to get damaged due to prolonged exposure to heat.

Tip 2 – Make sure to button and zip clothes

Leaving shirts unbuttoned and clothes unzipped can damage the fabric of other clothes. Also, such a laundry habit can damage the parts of a washing machine in the long run. Furthermore, to avoid snag, users should fasten the clasps of concerning garments. 

Tip 3 – Use the right laundry detergent in the right amount

Selecting the right type of laundry detergent in the right amount proves useful in protecting clothes in more than one way. Usually, due to the excessive use of laundry detergent, clothes develop suds that are often hard to wash away. In turn, it leaves behind a sticky residue that draws in more dirt and bacteria. Also, use suitable detergent for woollens, silk, and satin fabrics to preserve their quality.

Tip 4 – Use cold water

One must note that fabrics like cotton and wool tend to shrink when washed with warm water. In addition to the shrinkage, clothes dyed in cheap colours tend to bleed out when rinsed with warm water. So, to preserve the colour of fabrics and prevent them from shrinking, one should rinse clothes with cold water. Such a habit will also help to save more on electricity bills.

Tip 5 – Try to avoid using dryer whenever possible

Leading washing machines models like Samsung fully automatic washing machine come with both washer and dryer features. Regardless, individuals should try to air dry their clothes whenever possible.

Machine drying clothes frequently can result in damages to the fabric. Exposing clothes to heat will fray and shrink them while catalysing colour fading faster. However, if users must dry the clothes in the machine, they should turn the clothes inside out to limit such damages.

Tip 6 – Pick the correct washer setting

Users should select a suitable washer setting based on the type and fabric of the cloth. Entering a gentle washer setting for dirty denim, jacket, or other durable clothing items will not get rid of the dirt properly. Similarly, using a harsh washer to clean delicate cloth pieces will damage them significantly.

Tip 7 – Clean and maintain washing machine regularly

Even a quality washer likeSamsung’s fully automatic washing machine requires regular maintenance and cleaning to perform efficiently. Individuals should regularly clean the dryer lint and rubber gasket and deep clean it regularly to optimise the machine’s function. Other than these, as a means to prevent moisture build-up and the formation of foul odour in front-loading washers, users should leave it open for some time post a washing cycle.

Besides these, before washing clothes in a washing machine one should turn them inside out. Also, invest in some quality mesh bags and use them while washing delicate clothes on a regular cycle.

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In addition to these tips, individuals may also consider patching up small holes and tears before putting clothes into the washer. It will minimise the risk of aggravating minor issues and will help prolong the life of one’s favourite clothes. Other than these, one may consider purchasing the best washing machine that is gentle on clothes and equally efficient for cleaning them.