Nobody likes to keep their bikes dirty, smelly, and rusty. But, a neglected bike cannot be kept in shape for long. If you want your bike to remain new, it is important to maintain it regularly and well. 

Maintaining your bike on a budget doesn’t have to mean you can’t get the look and performance you want. You just need to know what to do before it’s too late. With patience, basic maintenance, and knowledge of what you can do to maintain your bike, you’re in for a smooth ride!

1. Regular Cleaning

Despite being one of the most mundane components on a bike, the cassette is the weakest link. Over time, the cables rubbing against each other will deteriorate, leading to shifting issues.

Cleaning your bike regularly will keep everything in top condition, especially the bike chain because it’s exposed to all kinds of dirt and grime daily. A clean chain helps with performance and reliability by reducing friction.

2. Check Your Tyres

Check your tires before every ride – don’t forget to check the treads for damage, cracks, and age. Also, consider how your riding style will fare compared to different motorcycle tires to ensure you get the best fit possible.

Choosing a set of tires is a big step. You must consider the type of riding you will engage in. If you are looking for a good all-rounder tire, many choices are available on BikeChain, so it is well worth going to your local dealer.

3. Check Your Battery

Battery maintenance is one of the most important tasks for cyclists. The lifespan of a lithium battery is usually much lower than that of a standard lead-acid battery, so it’s important to check it every couple of weeks to ensure there is no loss in capacity.

Check the terminals once in a while to ensure they’re tightly fixed and adequately greased. It is also good practice to add distilled water to your battery every couple of weeks to get charged with fresh electrolytes. 

4. Get Your Clutch Serviced

To ensure your bike is always performing at its best, have your clutch serviced regularly. Your clutch is just as important to your bike as its tires are. Make sure that the clutch has the right amount of free play when it is serviced so that it can operate efficiently, especially if you plan on riding the bike frequently.

5. Check Your Brakes

Brake pads are one of the most important parts of your bike. They have to function properly so that your bike can stop instantly at all times. Replacing the brake pad is always good if you notice abnormal characteristics like squeaking or squealing sounds.

It’s always important to keep the brakes holding the tire properly spaced. This is also necessary to prevent your front wheel from getting stuck when you are cornering or going downhill. It is also critical to not let the brakes become too tight or loose, otherwise known as brake fade.

6. Tune Your Engine Regularly

Keeping your bike tuned and running smoothly is vital to its performance, so keep it roughly at the same maintenance standards as any other vehicle. Take care of regular servicing and have them thoroughly check things like oil and air filters.

7. Maintain Clean Air Filter

Air filters are the air intake that sucks air into the engine so that it can be burnt, producing power. They come in different sizes, shapes, and types. They work in tandem with all of your bike’s parts for optimum performance.

The air filter is the most overlooked part of your engine, and you should clean it from time to time. If it doesn’t get cleaned, pollution could accumulate in the system, which could affect the performance of your bike. This will eventually result in poor fuel combustion and create severe problems for your bike’s parts: you’ll need to replace them or spend more on repairs if they are damaged due to a dirty air filter.


Keeping your bike in top condition can be tough whether you’re a beginner or a pro. There are lots of tips and tricks that will make it easier. Regardless of how often you ride your bike, it is an investment and should be taken care of to enjoy. Follow these tips and watch as your bike stays in perfect working order for years!


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