We asked the Edmonton, Alberta car accident lawyers at MNH Injury Lawyers, to provide us with a list of things all car drivers should avoid while driving. Read the following article to learn more.

  1. Using the mobile phone

Mobile phone usage is a major risk as it diverts the attention of the driver from the road and the surroundings. In the US, it is considered a serious offense if a driver is found using a cell phone for calls or messages while driving. Even if you are stuck in a traffic jam, it is advised to put the mobile phone in driving mode so that the lights and notifications are not distracting. 

  1. Driving with headphones on

The headphones may seem harmless, but the noise cancellation feature may distract your focus from the road. Although a good majority of the states allow drivers to use both wired and wireless headphones, it is discouraged and frowned upon. 

  1. Tailgating

Rare-end accidents are frequent in the United States, and tailgating is the most common cause. In many states, tailgating is considered a driving crime, and the driver of the car being tailgated can complain to the law enforcers. Maintaining a safe distance while driving is recommended, and no matter how tempting it is to close in on the cars ahead, one should always refrain from tailgating and driving too close. 

  1. Overspending

Even if you are in a hurry, you should try to stay within the designated speed limit to avoid tickets and pullovers. Although a couple of miles above the allowed limit may be ignored by the police, it is a crime, and if stopped by the cops, avoiding a ticket can be difficult. 

  1. Not wearing a seat belt

Seat belts are a safety feature that is mandatory for drivers and passengers in the US. Law enforcers have every right to stop a car if they spot the driver or others without a seat belt. The fine can be from $10 to $200 depending on the area and the speed at which the car was being driven. 

  1. Frequent lane changing

Jumping the lanes is considered reckless driving in the US. The thumb rule is that if the driver changes the lane four times in a mile, they could be pulled over by the cops and fined. Although these are small things that might go unnoticed, if they are seen by any law enforcer or complained about by fellow drivers, fines and punishments may be unavoidable. 

  1. Driving on cruise mode during rain and snow

Cruise control is a luxury feature that drivers may use on long straight routes with a specified speed limit. However, it is highly recommended to avoid using the cruise mode and drive below the allowed speed during rain and snow. 


Driving laws are easy if a person understands the essence behind them. These laws keep everyone safe and should be respected by drivers. Some offenses are punishable, while others are precautionary measures that may help avoid accidents and pullovers. To learn more about driving hazards and risks, please visit Drive Safely.