By: Kathy Sadowski, MS in Aromatherapy, Registered Aromatherapist, NAHA, and AIA Member

Essential oils are a big seller these days, and buyers are looking for brands with quality products at a reasonable price and reliable availability. They also want to buy all the essential oil varieties they need from one supplier with a good turnaround time frame.  Many small American retailers want to buy from companies within the USA, and they want excellent customer service!

Does this sound like what you are looking for but aren’t getting?  Here are seven tell-tale signs that you need a new wholesale essential oils supplier.

  1. You are not getting the therapeutic-grade quality essential oils you expect.

Buyers are seeking quality essential oils!  An experienced purchaser knows when an essential oil is of low quality. They don’t want adulterations, oxidation, poor extraction methods, or a lack of information about the species’ origin and key chemical constituents.  

Low quality isn’t worth purchasing when it comes to essential oils. And a sophisticated sniffer knows when their aromatherapy products are not up to snuff!  

  1. The prices are too high.

A buyer placing bulk orders expects to purchase larger quantities for better prices. Whether they intend to use the essential oil as an ingredient to make their own products or are planning to pour the oils into smaller bottles and label them for resale, they need a competitive margin related to the cost.

Resellers such as wellness centers, gift shops, and grocery stores want competitive wholesale prices.  They need to offer their customers a reasonable price and make a profit.

Retailers and manufacturers cannot buy high with too low of a product earning potential.

  1. Your essential oil supplier cannot keep up with your demand.

Here is a hypothetical example…Let’s say you are a growing company.  Bergamot essential oil is a key ingredient in the citrus mint shower gel you manufacture.  Plus, it includes some sweet almond and jojoba carrier oils.  

You call your supplier to order triple the amount usual of your necessary ingredients.  The holiday season is approaching, and you want to be ready!

But the supplier informs you that they don’t have enough stock to fulfill your order.  What do you do?  If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it’s time to find a supplier that can keep up with your demand!

  1. The essential oil varieties you want are unavailable.

If you are buying oils wholesale to resell, there might be a time to consider new varieties to entice your customers.  While peppermint, lavender, and orange are old favorites, being the one to offer hard-to-find varieties like helichrysum, ginger, or spruce could give you an edge over the competition.   

Or, maybe, you want to produce a new variety of essential oil candles, room spray, or body oil—you are producing an essential oil blend that requires some unusual botanicals.

You need a supplier with a broad selection of quality products so that they have them available when you are ready to expand your repertoire. 

  1. The shipping times are too long.

Has this ever happened to you?  

You place a bulk essential oils order with a credit card and are excited for your shipment to arrive.  You had procrastinated a bit long on spending but really needed the product yesterday.

A week goes by, and you decide to call to check on the status of fulfillment.  The supplier intends to send the order out in one week.  Yikes!  You needed it last week!  You made the expenditure predicting sales dependent on the items you ordered.

If this has happened to you more than a few times with the same supplier, it may be time to make a switch!

  1. The supplier is in a foreign country.

Especially in the past year or two, it has become difficult to buy from overseas suppliers.  Shipping and tariffs can be extremely expensive.  Plus, order fulfillment dates are too unreliable.  And if you have to make a return, that can be next to impossible!

To make matters more challenging, communication can be a barrier to solving difficult logistic issues.

Further, many small businesses want to support other businesses within their country.  Buyers seek out the “Made in the USA” insignia in an effort to support their community.

  1. The customer service is poor.

Do you give excellent customer service and expect it in return?  When you call or email about placing an order, you want a friendly and quick reply.  When you have questions about a product, you would like them answered accurately.  If issues arise, you would like them resolved fairly and quickly.

Your expectations are not too high!  If you are getting poor customer service, it can be a deal breaker for sure.

In Summary

If you are buying bulk or wholesale essential oils, you have certain expectations.  You need a reliable vendor offering a quality and robust product line at an affordable price!  Customer service is always important and buying local certainly has its benefits.

About Aromaland

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