Australian Christmas celebrations are an event to remember. Sure, there’s no snow ( though fake snow is always an option ), but Christmas in Australia is every bit as joyful as traditional Christmases in America and Europe. Maybe even more so, with the sunny weather, crystal clear blue beaches, barbecues, and shrimp!

An essential part of Christmas, Australian or not, is the tree. Not having a beautiful, lighted Christmas tree puts a damper on the entire celebration. Australian Christmas trees are a hit, running out fast well before the 25th. So try to grab yours quick if you plan on celebrating!

Anyway, moving on. Here is a list of 7 things Australia does differently when it comes to Christmas.

Surfing Your Heart Out

Since it’s so hot out in Australia, people like to cool themselves down by doing some refreshing surfing during Christmas. Observe carefully, and you may catch a glimpse of Santa surfing in all his glory, wearing nothing but a Speedo and a Santa hat!

Prawns, Prawns Prawns

Unlike Aussie’s western neighbours Europe and America, foods and drinks consumed during Christmas in Australia are beer, shrimp, and other seafood items. A tradition started in 1984 by Paul Hogan continues to this day.

Christmas Lunch, Not Dinner

Usually, in America and some other countries, it’s typical to have a big Christmas dinner. Australia does things differently with a Christmas lunch. The meals eaten include cold cuts, salad, oysters, and pavlova.

Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas, is known for huge sales and Boxing Day BBQs.

Street Partying

There’s nothing like a hard-core street party, and no one does it better than the country down under ( as Australia is affectionately referred to ) during Christmas. Casual and relaxed in nature, it’s the highlight of the year when Christmas time rolls around.

Crazy For Cricket

Aussies are die-hard fans of cricket and love to both play cricket and watch the sport’s matches on their TV. Christmas is no different. Therefore, cricket is played everywhere in Australia on Christmas day. On Boxing Day, lots of people make time to watch the Boxing Day Test match, chugging on beer and binge eating prawns with friends and family.

Carols By Candlelight 

Every state’s city in Australia has a Carols By Candlelight service, which famous Aussie celebs join in on. The carol services are also broadcasted on TV. Towns, cities, and schools hold their own Carols By Candle service.

Bright Christmas Lights 

Fireworks are a common sight during Australian Christmas. People buy Australian Christmas trees and hang up lights, bells and charms upon them, just like Americans do on Christmas.

So, you can probably see how Australian Christmas stands out from typical Christmas celebrations. There’s beer instead of eggnog, cold cuts instead of roasts, and sunshine instead of cold, snowy weather.

On the whole, Christmas in Australia is different from American and European Christmas but is just as lively and fun. Ultimately, Christmas is a wonderful event that brings families and friends together, and you should celebrate it to the absolute max.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and indulge yourself in the various delicacies and activities that Australian Christmas celebrations has to offer.