The vape business is growing rapidly due to its great demand. The reason lies in the fact that it is a far more convenient and safe smoking method compared to old smoking. The vape beholders are many and their number is increasing with time. In such circumstances, you must use an effective solution that would make your product highly presentable. Vape cartridge custom packaging has got your back in this regard.

To get highly competitive packaging solutions, hiring a professional packaging company is beneficial. An expert builder knows how to bestow you with an ultimate packaging on which you can surely rely. Once you start using an efficient packaging solution, you will surely see a difference in your sales. This is because custom packaging provides a lot of benefits to the users. Some are listed below.


Custom boxes are very cost-effective as you can choose all the custom features based on your budget size. In every aspect, you can have flexible options such as material, size, and printing. Paperboard boxes are a preferred option and most brands use these boxes. These packaging solutions are easily accessible and you can surely get them at certain pricing.

Most packaging companies offer discounts to their loyal customers, especially in the case of wholesale packaging. These companies also provide you with free shipping as cardboard material is lightweight and so you do not have to spend extra costs for shipment. This is how custom vape packaging saves your money.

Different material options

Custom packaging provides different options of materials so that you can choose the most suitable option. Packaging material provides a foundation and you must wisely choose the best packaging material considering your product’s nature. As vape cartridges may have a ceramic mouthpiece and glass tube, you must choose a packaging material that wouldn’t contaminate the cartridge having e-juice in it. You may have different material options such as:

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • Raw kraft
  • Paperboard
  • Chipboard

All these materials are trendy and you can use them in different ways. For instance, you can use them for product packaging, inserting, display boxes, and shipping boxes. You can also get rigid boxes made of chipboard, paperboard, or corrugated cardboard materials by using multiple sheets of these materials.

A robust and durable solution

A packaging that is not protective is of no use. This is because it is quite obvious that packaging mainly serves the purpose of protection. If you failed in giving highly protective packaging for your vape item, the customer will not consider your product twice. Custom packaging is very beneficial in this regard. You can make the packaging as protective as possible. 

As cardstock materials are used for these boxes, they can easily keep your vape pens safe from damage. Although these materials are lightweight, they have enough strength to hold the product. These boxes do not allow the external factors to affect the taste and scent of the e-liquid and therefore bestow the users with an excellent vape product.

Easy to customize

Whether you are a small brand or a large one, your product packaging is representative of your brand. After all, a customer will get to know you through your product displayed on a retail shelf or online store. Considering this aspect, every brand has shifted to custom cbd boxes. This is because you can choose various custom features to define your brand in the best ways.

  • You can easily get these boxes in different sizes based on the size of the cartridges.
  • You may choose different inserts to make your packaging more protective and professional.
  • You can independently choose graphics and color themes.
  • You can print details of your own choice.
  • You may also use different add-ons to improve the value of the product.

Different printing methods

Custom packaging facilitates you in choosing a certain printing technique. Packaging companies offer different printing options for cardboard and kraft boxes. These printing techniques may include the following:

  • Offset or lithography
  • Flexography
  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing

You can choose a certain printing method by observing its features. These features may include cost, procedure, and printing quality. For instance, the offset printing technique gives high-quality images but is a costly method. When we talk about flexo-printing, it gives out good printing results but it is a cost-effective method. Similarly, screen printing and digital printing are also different based on their features. Cardboard material is easily printed by either printing method. Therefore, custom packaging provides you with an edge to choose the best method.