Whether you like it or not, we now live in the digital age. And if you are serious about scaling your business to its highest possible potential there is no doubt about it  — your business must have a presence on the internet.

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Here, you will discover 7 reasons every brand (including yours) should build a digital presence without further delay.

Your customers are online

One of my marketing mentors once told me, go and meet your target market where they already are. And according to a statistics, about 63% of the world’s population are using the internet today. This means at least half of your target markets are already on the internet.

By having websites, social media presence, blogs, you can create awareness for your brand and from there people would learn about your business and some would eventually patrnize you.

Your competition

If you are serious about getting the largest market share, then you have to be online. And since a lot of the buying process begins with a simple search on the internet, your competitors would be getting the chunk of the sale if they already are on the internet.

Managing your reputation

The first place people go to rant about a poor experience with a brand is the internet and if you are absent on the internet, then there is no way you going to manage the situation or correct the damage.

And you know what they say about bad press. It spreads like cancer, and you can only have yourself to blame.

To forge relationships

To build a sustainable business, you must aim to do more than buying and selling. Your brand must have a voice, your business should be able to communicate with your audience in a way that strengthens your image in their mind.

Beyond forging relationships with your audience, an online presence also opens you to a world of limitless opportunities for collaborating with like-minds. 

Cheap promotion and advertising

It is cheaper for your business to promote both new and existing offerings relying on the power of the internet. For instance, if you have a large following on Social media like facebook, Twitter, Instaagram, they can also share your posts to their own followers.

Complements quality data analytics

Having a presence online makes it easier to accumulate data to aid your business decision making. For instance, you can monitor the number of people seeing your ads and compare it against the number of people who buy. 

You can also execute market research like surveys, polls, etc to understand how people perceive your business.

Increased sales

Nowadays, people prefer to make purchases on the internet. With your presence online, you are opened to a larger market of audience who may want your product. This means people who desire the need for your offeirng can get it from anywhere around the world.