While content piracy is not new, modern technology has made it much easier. Although copyright laws protect digital content, monitoring the internet for illegal activity is difficult. 

Businesses constantly share files internally and externally, and many others regularly share branded assets or host media files. But DRM solution provider ensure the content shared or hosted by businesses is protected and is only used in the manner intended. 

This article will discuss drm video hosting providers and some specific reasons for choosing them.

What is a DRM Solution Provider?

A digital rights management (DRM) solution provider is an application that provides users with various features designed to protect their content and ensure it is accessed within the parameters they specify. As a result, the market for DRM software is expected to exceed $8.2 billion by 2027.

Watermarking and timed expiration for shared documents, as well as subscription and DRM licence management for media files, are features provided by DRM solution providers.

7 Reasons to choose a DRM Solution Provider

DRM Solution Provider has a wide range of benefits for individuals and businesses.

Here are seven reasons for choosing a DRM solution provider.

1. Protects Confidential Files

The DRM provider can assist businesses in securing sensitive documents ranging from contractual agreements and business strategies to sensitive employee data. It enables them to control and track file access while preventing files from being modified, saved, cloned, or printed.

2. Dynamic Watermarking

A DRM solution provider safeguards content as it travels from the source to the intended recipient. However, once the content reaches the users/recipients and is being played on their device, pirates may record and redistribute it.

Dynamic video watermarking is the process of embedding a unique mark onto the content stream that identifies the individual customer.

So, when our content is pirated, dynamic watermarking enables the content distributor to identify the offender and provide the proof needed to file a lawsuit forcing them to stop.

3. Video API for Custom Integrations

Every serious business understands the importance of workflow automation and custom integrations. That’s where having access to the API (Application Programmable Interface) of our video solution comes in handy!

We can seamlessly integrate all types of databases, share screens, and even create custom apps or videos if we find a DRM solution provider with a video API.

If you value flexibility, you should look for a DRM solution provider that includes this resilient feature.

4. HTML5 Video Player

Whether we do live secure streaming or On-Demand, an HTML5 video player is critical to what we do and how our audience interacts with our content. So, opting for a DRM solution provider provides a high-quality, seamless, and personalised video experience to users across all browsers and devices.

5. Trackability and Analytics for Access Monitoring

Detailed trackability with precise timestamps and editing attributions are important for an enterprise. Analytics is considered suitable for consumer-facing content, indicating the most effective distribution channels.

We can get a clear picture of how content is distributed across channels and monetized by working with a DRM solution provider.

6. Video CDN 

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a global network of servers that cache and deliver content over the internet.

A DRM solution provider that has integrated a powerful CDN into its video delivery services enables fast and reliable protected video streaming to users all over the world via the server closest to them while minimising latency.

7. Assists in Securing Revenue Streams

A significant investment of talent, money, and time is required for content creation. A DRM solution provider assists content owners in seeing a return on their investment by providing authorised access and securing their content.

Summing It Up!

DRM is critical in today’s digital world, and collaborating with a DRM solution provider will help ensure that your content is distributed legally and appropriately.

It is essential to go with the DRM solution provider that uses FairPlay DRM and Google Widevine DRM and also assist in balancing monetization with expanding reach.