In the online shopping industry, Mobile Apps are becoming the modern trend. Customers can not only interact in better ways with businesses with Mobile Apps. But also, the apps provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

For the same reason, the number of eCommerce Mobile Apps in the stores is taking a boost every day. But having Android and iOS Mobile Apps is important for businesses. The more important thing is proving the app users with sounding features. Features are what make the apps user-friendly and engage the customers with the businesses. In the below points, we have covered some of the must-have features for mobile apps for eCommerce businesses.

1.      Easy Login Options:

While developing Android and iOS Mobile Apps, the coders must consider adding easy login options in the Mobile Apps.

Most times, the users get a bit lazy while filling up the registration details. Even various app users forget their user names and passwords.

Thus, if you are looking for must-have features to include in your Android App, you should add social login options. For example, you can include the Apple Login option in your iOS Application. Likewise, you can include various login methods in the Android apps. Such as Facebook login, Google login, Fingerprint Login, etc.

2.    Wishlist:

A wishlist is a great way to remember your favorite things and save them for later. Sometimes, the users just do not visit your Apps or websites for purchases. Where they come with the desire of exploring your online shops. There is a huge possibility if you provide your customers with options for adding their favorite products to the wishlist.

Not only for later purposes, they can keep records of their favorite items but also, you will be able to share the purchase reminders with them.

Thus, if you are developing Android and iOS Mobile Apps, the Wishlist should be the second option you should put on the top of the list of must-have features.

3.    Push Notifications:

Push notifications are not only important for app users but also help a lot in business marketing. For example, iOS and Android App users can get updates about the latest offers, abandoned carts, etc. Whereas, on the other hand, store admins can promote their eCommerce business by proving information about various offers and other updates.

Likewise, you can also add the Push Notification feature in your Android and iOS App with Knowband no code App Builder.

4.    Easy Checkout Options:

Checkout is the easiest process you should keep in your mobile apps. Not only the easy checkout process encourages the customers to complete the orders but also, increases the usability of the Mobile Apps. Instance, you can use the same payment options in your Android and iOS Mobile Apps as available on your website.

Along with the payment options, you can also include automatic location detection in your apps to save the address filling time for the customers.

5.    Live Chat Support:

Live chat is the best way for any business to interact with its customers. Although you will need a dedicated support team for the same, which might cost you a bit. Yet, chat supports plays an incredible role in building business customer relationship.

Thus, while developing your Mobile Apps, you include at least WhatsApp or Telegram chat support. Likewise, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento 2 sellers can check out the WhatsApp chat feature offered by Knowband App Maker.

6.    Offline Mode:

A network connection is a major player behind the proper functionality of a Mobile App. Having a weak network connection sometimes causes app crashes and slow loadings in the apps.

On the hand, Mobile Apps which support offline compatibility come with full-proof protection against slow internet connections. Moreover, the Offline compatible Mobile Apps use the device’s cache memory to load the previously visited pages. Thus, considering the addition of Offline Functionality in both Android and iOS Mobile Apps could be the next idea for implementing in your eCommerce Mobile Apps.

At last,

Before considering the best features to choose for any eCommerce business, it is always good to have a look at the business goals. Thus, adding the right features is not only the consideration part. The other thing you can focus on is your customer’s needs.