About 85% of marketers say there’s more demand for brand content than ever before. Without a marketing small business strategy, you won’t engage those customers! Your competitors might win them over instead.

Here are seven innovative small business marketing ideas you can use to reach new customers online. With these tips, you can expand your reach to experience a boom in business.

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1. Personalize

Before developing a marketing or ad strategy, research your customers. Determine who they are and what they care about to personalize your marketing materials.

Personalization can help you develop strong, emotional connections with customers. Empathize with their experiences and pain points. Showing them you care can help brand trust grow, allowing you to develop a loyal following. 

2. Run Contests

Engage everyone’s competitive side by hosting contests. For example, you can have people:

  • Submit videos/photos
  • Leave reviews
  • Provide their email
  • Refer others

Count each action they compete as an entry. Make sure you’re offering consumers a prize they want to win.

3. Share Testimonials

Customer testimonials from people who already love your brand can encourage new customers to give you a try. First, make sure to claim your Google Business listing (which also benefits your SEO strategy). Each time you gain a new customer, encourage them to leave a review.

You can share these reviews on your website or through social media marketing. 

4. Offer Freebies

People love free offers and discounts. Consider offering a freebie in exchange for the consumer’s email. As you build your email list, you can develop a drip email marketing campaign to nurture those leads.

You can also give your already loyal customers free membership to exclusive deals, news, and first looks. Leveraging exclusivity can help you retain customers. 

5. Create Lead Magnets

Add lead magnets across your website to generate more leads and email subscribers. Make sure you’re offering something valuable in exchange for the consumer’s email.

For example, you can offer a helpful eBook, coupon code off their first purchase, or freebie with their purchase. 

6. Go Live

Consider hosting live video events to leverage the fear of missing out. Consumers will want to participate if you’re offering freebies or exclusive updates during your event.

Capture snippets from your live videos to use as part of your online advertising strategy. Video content can help your online ads stand out. 

7. Design Signs

Help in-store shoppers find the products or information they need with eye-catching, branded signs. Use a clear, compelling call to action to draw their attention. Make sure you maintain brand consistency as you design new marketing materials. 

Make sure you have ADA signs for your business to meet compliance and help ADA customers as well. You can discover custom sides here: click for more.

Use These Small Business Marketing Ideas Today

Using these small business marketing ideas can help you draw new customers to your brand. They could even help you get a competitive edge! Update your small business strategy with these tips today.

Keep an eye out for new marketing trends in the meantime.

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