Adhering to your medication routine matters a lot. The right dose should be taken at the right time. This is a great chance to improve your health.

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Source says that fifty percent of those who have failed to take their medical prescription for chronic disease correctly die yearly. Therefore, results in more than one hundred and twenty-five thousand deaths each year.

Getting well should be your utmost priority by following the medical instructions given by your physician or pharmacist. Many people see continuing medication treatment as a big issue, though sometimes, it is not intentional.

On this note, I will share with you seven importance of taking your medication correctly to cope with your medical issues.

Always take it on the right schedule. 

Take your medication at the same time and at the same dosage every day until any further instructions by your doctor. Check if it is to be taken before meal or after a meal. Do not take an overdose because you forgot to take it at a particular time.

The medication does what it’s meant to do.

There is a purpose for taking a particular prescription. Either for prevention, healing, relieving, etc. It should be taken accurately for a remarkable outcome. The job of your physician or pharmacist is to recommend the best medication treatment suitable for your health challenges.

It makes your treatment ritual easy

Trying to manage a severe illness or an incurable condition is not an easy task. However, following your physician or druggist’s instructions can help you bear and worry less. Be assured that your physician or pharmacist has your best interests at heart.

To not worsen your condition. 

Not taking your medication properly can deteriorate your condition. For instance, if you are taking a blood pressure treatment, but you are not taking it how you are supposed to, it will not work effectively, and you might not be able to control it. Many people give excuses of the prescription being expensive, thereby skipping their medication to save money.

To see an immediate effect. 

Taking your medications correctly will give you positive satisfaction. Whatever the medical issue will cure faster because of your total adherence to your medication. Most people find it difficult to remember when and how to take their medications, but there are creative ways to always remember to take them. For instance, calendars, phone reminders, medication planners, etc. 

Always remember that you’re a patient.

Your medication should be with you at all times. For example, if you are traveling, carry enough medication with you. You can put them in a pill box or container. As a patient, be always conscious of your health to avoid further complications.

Prevents unfavorable side effects 

Taking a medication wrongly can result in severe side effects. Do not take more than what was prescribed for you by your specialist. Avoid anything that can alter the medication. For example, alcohol, specific foods, etc. But in a situation when you become allergic to that particular medication, visit your medic or apothecary for the solution.